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Desperate times...

King Timmy

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Gordon Brown sat in his cold bunker, distraught. The Germans had landed a force much larger than the English military and looked to be a lot more organised than the home troops. Satellite reconnaissance showed the English assault and the German counter flanking maneuver. In an attempt to save around 200,000 lives he called the communications officer into the briefing room and told him to establish a connection to the outside world, rerouting it through various servers and then send it separately from a different location to hide the source least it be traced back. The bunker would withhold nuclear attacks but keeping the location of which bunker the government was hidden in a secret for the time being was of utmost importance.

The message sent was as follows.
To: The German Government
CC: The Irish Government, Everyone else that attacked

We would like to invite you to attend talks in hope of resolving this issue peacefully rather than through the deaths of more men than we can both imagine.

We would like to hold said talks in a neutral location, if our Irish friends would do us the honour of hosting such talks.

If you agree, we would like to call for a ceasefire until such a time as the talks have been completed.

I await your response.


Gordon Brown, Prime Minister of England, Scotland and Wales[/quote]

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The Empire of Pravus Ingruo offers the services of IMB: Ireland, located in Argyle and Burke, Scotland as a place for peace talks. It is localized, secure, and has the facilities to accommodate the parties involved.

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