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The Second Republic of Novus Niciae Lower House Election Results.

Prime minister Johns

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[size="7"][b]National Party victory in elections.[/b][/size]

The inaugural elections for the legislative assembly of the second republic of Novus Niciae have been collated and the results are as follows.

National Party (Colour: Green) : 51.2%
Labor Party (Color: Red) : 31.8%
Liberal Party (Color: Blue) : 16%
Independents : 1%

The seats shall be awarded as follows:

National Party (Colour: Green) : 256 seats
Labor Party (Color: Red) : 159 seats
Liberal Party (Color: Blue) : 80 seats
Independents : 5 seats

The electoral slips shall be held in the public archives of the state library for the next 50 years for public inspection.

Secretary of state Nike Niciae congratulated the new members of the assembly today at a banquet and wished them the best in their new jobs as the nations decision makers.

Julius Anton Rossi, the leader of the National party and Nadia Tarasov, the leader of the labor party also took opportunity to announce that they will be forming a coalition government with the National party as the senior member.

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