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The Big Switch


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New Guinea was a destitute place. The fascist Kamborian rebellion, comprised of a similar ideology to that of Sinocentrism, had led to eventual casualty rate of 5 million out of a 7 million population. The mass destruction done by the Asian racists had brought the Zoadoe Islands to its knees, as virtually everything was ground to dust in the final battles that destroyed the yellow menace. As such, the Pyrrhic victory by the communists caused the downfall of the Zoadoe Islands. With almost no infrastructure and very few people, it took only the help of the Oceanic Union for the people to survive.

But all was in the past. Massive immigration from the west and a trickle of refugees from the north had allowed New Guinea to pass its population peak of 7 million, and a completely new demographical situation arose. The people were industrious, and soon the modern industrial civilization rose up again. Communitarian values and an equally deep and persistent countervailing tendency toward individual self-assertion existed, and it may be that this combination of opposing values and the tension between them that drove development. Most importantly, the people had an extraordinary sense of self-reliance, a fierce determination to maintain its independence, and an almost religious belief in its distinctive identity.

Yes, New Guinea, reborn as Grand Papua, was back on track. Yet, things would be quite unexpected for most in the area, as elections were being held for the first popularly elected government to be established....

OOC: Please move to Fantasy RP (IC) forum, and also, no IC/OOC comments on this before the government is established please.

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Former Franklinville

Upon a humble hotel (the best out of those left standing after the rebellion) converged several groups of high class cars.

[i]Some of the cars[/i][/center]

People of various ethnicities emerged and went into the hotel, where they would be led to a large meeting room. What an outsider might have noticed was the overwhelming proportion of blond Europeans, which seemed to be out of pace with the general idea of what the people of New Guinea would look like. Add in a group of Asians, and it became nearly surreal.

"Has your journey here been comfortable, your Excellency?" asked a granite-faced general to a bearded Asian in white robes, who was the oldest person in the room.

"Most peaceful." was the reply, as his entourage, comprised of a crankly general puffing at a cigarette and young girls (one incidently a blonde), stood behind him as he sat on the chair to the right of the head of the long discussion table.

Soon the main leaders were all seated, and the chair of the conference, interm president Michael Somare, rose up to the sea of mostly Europeans and Asians in black and gray uniforms (with approximately one-fourth being Papuan and Austronesian).


"Let us start the meeting for the establishment of a permanent government of Grand Papua."

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"..... So this should be what we have agreed to, correct?" said Somare as he wiped his forehead.

[quote]Political Structure of Grand Papua

National Parliament
- Elected by proportional representation, many parties
- Passed laws, coalitions of parties necessary
- Elected every 4 years, or when chancellor lost support of a working majority
- Elections called by the President
- Elected from lists of candidates (proportional representation)
- All men and women over 20 have vote

- Head of government
- Needs to negotiate support of enough members of National Parliament to pass legislation
- Appointed by the President

- Elected for 7 years
- Had the power to appoint and dismiss Chancellors
- Power to call elections
- Commander of armed forces
- Could make treaties
- Could use armed forces to force states into agreement
- Under Special Article 1 of the Constitution, could govern by decree in emergencies, allowing the making of laws submitted by cabinet, without the consent of National Parliament.[/quote]

"Any objections?"

There was the general sound of approval.

"Very well, then let me go on to the next part of our agenda: Voting rights. I propose that, in order to safeguard the indigenous people, the pre-immigration people of New Guinea be given 3 votes per person."

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