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Current Events in Strigia


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[b][center]Domain Of Strigia[/center]
[center]Regional Observation/Action Report (RO/AR)[/center]
[center]Central Government, Information Branch, Office of the Director of Information [/center][/b]

[quote]General Overview, presented by Strigian State Intelligence: “Trans-Croatia has proven to be ripe with potential; the relatively low population levels and the lack of high technology except what the Legion has provided the means for the state to win over the local population with technology advancements and better care. Political forms have been observed and formalized, with the Keeper and the Monitor approving the first official Diet of Strigia, comprising the initially selected General Assembly and the Elect assembly of the newly minted Warders, Chevaliers, and other men and women of renown.

The population Resettlement Program has placed the Hanseatic and Marchen Clan’s in and around the territory of the capital; the Direlians have moved into the vast cave system discovered recently by scouting parties. The Fuyo-Clann, descended from the exiled Yamato who took refuge in Camberlain, have taken up with the Jewish folk and others and pushed north. [/quote]

[quote]Military Overview: The Diet has selected the following recommendations on the subject of the Military Restoration Project; that the military forces legitimized to act on behalf of the nation of Strigia shall be as follows:

The Strigian Legion, (Elite-ground-based troops, Direct Combat Support Staff, Combined Arms, Special Forces (Centurions, Rangers, Scouts), and Legion Intelligence Command (Combat Intelligence, Analysts, Cryptologists, Translators and Support Personal)

Strigian Air Service (Combat Support/First-Strike/Aerial Defense, Special Operations/Strigian Special Air Service, Logistics/Supply Flights, Missile Defense, Air-Basing ),
The Strigian Naval Service (Deep-Sea Warfare/Littoral Warfare, Naval Infantry (Marines), Sea-based Air support (jets, Helo’s), Logistics and Supply Shipment, Exploration, Weather-Observation and Forecasting)
And the Strigian Defense Force: Reserve Element/Assigned across the region, Coastal Defense/Local Defense/Direct Support of Town/City leadership, Natural Disaster/Humanitarian Crisis Assistance.

Lastly, the Knightly Orders, particularly the Knights of Mathilda, the Military Order of the Spider, the Knights La Croix, and the United Fraternal Orders have been given temporary status as government-supported Orders reporting to the Executive Branch until such time as they may be assigned a more permanent place in the military structure.[/quote]

[quote] Political Overview, Provided by Diplomatic Department Analysis Group: “The political state of affairs in Strigia is tenuous but cautiously optimistic; The structure of the government, Consisting of the Diet, the Monitor, and the Keeper has formalized, while further government organization at the provincial level has been left entirely to the people living there, with the acceptation of the Demesne of the Keeper, to be awarded to heroes of the State and members of the Warders/Chevaliers. Further development is underway…the political environment reveals a great deal of commitment to personal and religious freedoms, support for the military forces, as well as the Central government. Concerns have been raised as to the effects of the Nordic-Volk across the mountains, and their political influence; great care has been taken to persuade Marchar Germanic/Nordic folk to follow their locally established leaders and their ancient traditions. Athens, who supported us in our exile, will be approached diplomatically, as well as our neighbors to the north; we have already received their Legionarres and find ourselves in good relations.


[quote]“This message is classified Yankee White, Executive Branch Level Clearance Only. Specific sections may be chosen for De-Classification by the Executive Branch Approval.”

Signed for the Director of Information,

Doretta Bachman Lettios
[i]Sub-Director of Political Intelligence and Information[/i][/quote]

Copies would secretly be provided to intelligence sources who would forward them to Athens, the Legion, and Austria Respectively, outside of those elements no information would be provided to the local territories outside of Strigia[/i].

(basically means no one should know unless TBM/CENT/SARAH provide the intel in RP)

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