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3BR Aqua Trade Circle


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Looking to get involved in a long-term 3BR (Fast Food/Beer/Construction) + Fish/Uranium trade circle on the AQUA TEAM. I need ppl to fill these trade spots, so plz post a reply with the resources you can provide and I will update this list. We can start this circle asap, but allowing for those that need to let their give their current partners a heads up.

Iron - BashaJoe
Spices - BashaJoe
Fish -
Uranium -
Lumber -
Aluminum -
Wheat -
Water -
Marble -
Pigs -
Sugar -
Cattle -

*Even though I am a small nation I am not looking to quit anytime soon, I am in
for a while with a group of friends who have been playing for over 2 years*


*3BR is the BEST trade circle in game so come join plz!!*

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[quote name='the rebel' timestamp='1312065845' post='2767856']
Ive got aluminium and fish... since Detlev beat me too it, i will be stand by if drops out...
The rebel, deal... And for all, I need u guys to accept the trades so that I would know who really is in the TC... Cause if not then I'll b choosing others that want in... I'll b giving u guys sometime tho so no worries... I will also give u a heads up Before I take any action.. Enjoy!!!

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Sorry guys. I've put a lot of work into trying to get partners for this, but I'm not getting many (or any) takers. Sorry to leave this, but I was offered the same circle today and I can't pass up something like that. Good luck.

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[quote name='BashaJoe' timestamp='1313154801' post='2778548']
Fish, Lumber, Wheat, Marble, Pigs, and sugar needed.
I have wheat and fish. I'm switching to aqua right now.

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