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The Diplomatic Travels of Anke Vogel

Sarah Tintagyl

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With the German invasion happening on the Austrian homeland, most of the Empire's resources were placed towards pushing the invaders back across the Danube. However, given the recent scare on the Cascadian Protectorate by the nations of Ursalia and Texas, the Imperial Government understood that foreign diplomacy could not come to a grinding halt simply because of a war. The potential of a war in North America was strong and with the increase of security precautions on the Ursalian-Austrian Borders there was reason to assume that a shooting war could well be on the horizon. It was in this scenario that a young diplomat, Anke Vogel, still working on parts of her doctorate in International Relations at the University of Vienna was sent as Special Envoy to the Americas. Most of the senior diplomats were working around the clock in Europe and Asia, trying to secure Austria's defense from the German Invasion. Because of this, Anke would find herself alone on a plane crossing the Atlantic towards Baton Rouge and her first meeting with the Prince of the Cajun Federation, Henri Broussard.

Once she arrived, the Austrian Envoy escorted herself towards the Royal Residence of the Prince. As she was unexpected, everything fringed on Broussard actually allowing her entry. Anke sighed at the thought, when Minister Kant had said this would be a lesson in flash diplomacy, she hadn't thought she would be moving so quickly across foreign countries just hoping that they would allow her entrance.

Walking into the first antechamber of the palace, a guard and secretary were the first to stop her. Though once she flashed her card from the Austrian Embassy, their looks of concern turned to smiles. "My sincerest apologies for coming on such short notice, but if I would be able to request an audience with His Highness, the head of state of the Cajun Federation. I would be most grateful."

The guard nodded a few times, listening to her story and shook his head. "The Prince of Acadia is a busy man, but you are in luck, Ms. Vogel, I shall inform him that a delegate from the honorable Austrian Empire has arrived." He said and turned on his heels heading deeper into the palace.

"You have my thanks."

A few moments later, the guard returned and gestured at Anke to follow up the staircase. "The Prince shall see you immediately, please, follow me."

She nodded and walked with the guard through the Prince's residence. It bled of southern charm, the hot humid air of Baton Rouge steaming through the large glass windows. Bright hair in the tight bun was already beginning to sweat and she hoped that the audience chambers would be much cooler than outside or through the halls of the palace itself. Finally, as the guard opened the door, Anke was led into a large study. Books covered the walls and the scent of whiskey and cigars hung in the air. It was as if the ancient Confederacy had risen up and the Southern charm was something that entranced her, along with the face and smile of the Prince staring at her from across the room.

"Ms. Vogel, I presume?"

Anke sprang her head up and nodded, extending her hand which he in turn kissed it. "Anke Vogel, Special Envoy of the Austrian Empire, I really appreciate you taking the time to meet with me today. The Empress was hoping that you would, it would seem that Austria and the Federation have the same train of thought when it comes to North America."

"It is of no matter, I am always pleased to meet individuals from other nations. Please, take a seat," he said pointing to a luxurious leather couch.

Anke sat and folded her hands over her lap and began her sales pitch "Normally, Minister Kant would be the one to do this meeting, but given that the Empire is already at war with Germany, our bureaucracy has become rather thin. However, what I wanted to discuss and what Her Imperial Highness would like to propose is the beginning of formal relations between our states. The Cascadian Crisis has caused Austria to reevaluate her position in North America. The Holy Empire of Ursalia and The Republic of Texas, we believe that if it had not been for the interjection of Pravus Inguro, we would be at war right now. Her Highness would like your personal opinion of that situation."

Henri nodded, "That would probably be the case, as of right now, although we probably would not be involved, as our own nation recognized Austria has the legitimate heir to the Cascadian state." Standing up from across the couch, he would go to an ornate rolling cart near a bookshelf, pouring a small glass of whiskey. "Drink?"

"Ah, yes, please, thank you Your Highness."

"Please, call me Henri, no need for formalities behind closed doors. Heavens, I wasn't even know as 'your highness' until less then a year ago." grins as he pours a glass of whiskey, and hands it to the Austrian envoy.

"Of course, Henri." Anke took the glass from his hands. "Now that Cascadia has collapsed, Austria will be attempting to push for a new government to take over. Though hopefully out of the prying hands of the North Americans. Aside from Pravus Inguro, we don't have many actual friends. Perhaps that could be changed between our nations. I know that there is a Cajun Regiment fighting in Austria now. We could do well to have friends as dedicated as your Federation."

Henri continued lightly sipping from his glass. "Of course, that regiment was not a sanctioned one by this government, however, we do sympathize with the Austrian cause. It is a shame what has happened to your homeland. We do, however, appreciate your early recognition of our nation when we just declared our independence. And we know that the Austrians were able stewards of the Pacific Northwest before Cascadia was formed."

"We've been through a lot in the past three years. Too much for many of us." She chuckled lightly.

Henri smiles as he takes another swig from his drink. "I daresay that some of our ATO allies may not see our reaching out diplomatically into other parts of the world as a good thing, that being said, as you can see lately, I have been known to not agree with a fair number of them."He winks and smirks slightly.

"Well it's why we came to the Federation. As I said there aren't many nations in North America that we can trust. You and your people are an exception, so it only makes sense that we try to build a relationship from this kind of promise."

"I am glad that we can be counted amongst the unique of our continent, but then again, our people have always been a unique sort." He smiles.

"French? Correct?"

"A mixture of everything, but French, mainly yes.” He speaks with a proud tone when asked about the country's heritage.

"I can't say that your ancestors and my own were on the best terms," Anke chuckled, "But there's always room for improvement."

"The biggest room in the world should be the room for improvement." He smiles, and sips the last of his whiskey, affixing the Austrian envoy with a gentle stare. "On a quick note, we can probably agree that we both have no real love for the English!"

Anke grinned, laughing hard as she finished the rest of the whiskey in the glass. "Oh I agree, the English, most definitely. But then in talking about formal relations, to what extent would the Federation be willing to offer in terms of diplomatic friendship?" She said blushing at the Prince’s smile.
“I am sure that some sort of defense and economic arrangement could be agreed upon between our two nations."

"Perhaps a Mutual Defense Pact, or if that would be too much at first, an Optional one with economic clauses."

Henriwould sit back down across the couch as he thought. "I could definitely be amenable to a Mutual Defense Pact, Fraulein, I feel the optional ones are just a half-hearted excuse at reassuring neighbors of loyalty."

"My philosophy as well, sir, a Mutual Defense Pact then? If that's agreeable, when I arrive at the Austrian Embassy I can have a draft of the copy sent to you for review and signing. That would be acceptable?"

Henri nods, as he pours himself another small drink. "I believe that would be most excellent."

"Very well." Anke said pushing herself up off the couch and extending her hand to Henri. "I have nothing else to add, unless you do, Excellency. If not I can be on my way, back to the embassy."

"I hope that this is the beginning of a wonderful relationship between our new nations, please, relay my sincere regards to your Empress." He said taking her hand again andkissing it.

Anke's face reddened like an apple as her smile grew. "Thank you very much, Excellency, and I will be sure to give Her Highness your warmest regards."

"My thanks." He raises his glass and takes a sip. "I look forward to receiving the copy of the treaty

"It will be sent as soon as I get back, we pride ourselves on punctuality."

"A high quality to have."

She bows once more, waves good-bye and turns, exiting the room.

"Many happy travels, Fraulein." He said returning the bow, and smiles politely upon her exit.

For Anke, her first real meeting with a foreign ruler had her nervous, but Henri had been so kind and even romantic with her that she barely wanted to leave. There were even parts she was sure that they would have ended up on the couch together, not that she really would have minded, but it was have been entirely unprofessional. As she got back into the town car however, to journey back to the embassy, she would barely have enough time to fax the treaty when she was expected to journey to Pravus Inguro for an appointed meeting with the Emperor there. It was a North American treaty blitz and Theresia was going to run the young diplomat ragged.


**Sent to the Office of Henri Broussard**

[center][b][u]The Treaty of Baton Rouge - The Austro-Cajun Alliance[/u][/b][/center]


The Empire of Austria, hereafter referred to as Austria, and the Cajun Federation, agree to the following provisions laid out in the mutually-agreed upon pact. Both nations remain fully sovereign states and sign this treaty in the hopes that better relations may be attained for the greater peace, prosperity, and good of these two nations.

[u]Article I: Nonaggression & Intelligence[/u]

The states of Austria and the Cajun Federation agree to a pact of non-aggression, and will not interfere or step into the soil of the other nation when not specifically requested. Nor will either signatory illegally spy, destabilize, or in any other way attempt to bring harm to the other. The Federation and Austria agree to disclose and share any relevant intelligence and information.

[u]Article II: Mutual Defense[/u]

The states of the Cajun Federation and Austria agree to a pact of mutual defense and pledge to defend the other from attacks by a foreign aggressor. If a nation is waging a defensive war, the other promises to provide military, intelligence, and civilian aid to ensure the survival of the threatened nation. A declaration of war in response to an earlier declaration of war by a signatory, commonly referred to as “treaty chaining,” shall make such aid optional.

[u]Article III: Economic Policy[/u]

The states of the Cajun Federation and Austria pledge to improve trade with each other and promote economic policies that forward this goal.

[u]Article IV: Cancellation[/u]

Should either signatory wish to leave the obligations of this treaty, a notice must be given at least seventy-two hours in advance.

[u]Signed for the Austrian Empire,[/u]

[i]HIH Maria Theresia II of Austria

Anke Vogel,
Special Envoy of Austrian Foreign Affairs[/i]

[u]Signed for the Cajun Federation,[/u]
HRH, The Prince of Acadia
Henri Broussard[/i]

OOC: Done via IRC

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Before Anke could even begin to relax in the hot and humid weather of the bayou she found herself boarding a plane towards the Pravus Inguroan capital in the north east. With Pravus Inguro's support in Cascadia, Austria had avoided a war between the Texans and Ursalians. A treaty with the Cajun Federation had secured the southeast of the Americas, now the task was to secure an eternal friendship with the northeast. Pravus Inguro had always supported Austria in the past and Vienna had done the same to their North American ally, it was time to make the friendship binding, perhaps forever.

Landing in the capital she was escorted almost immediately to Emperor Atkinson-Asgeirsson's personal residence. The building bloomed with the dark and tramatic history that Pravus Inguro had been subject to, catastrophic bombings during their second collapse, a plague of near zombie type creatures had made the present Emperor into a hero and a civil war that had nearly broke North America apart, as well as Austria. Finally entering the audience room, she bows low and smiles up at the Emperor. "Your Majesty, Austria sends her warmest regards, thank you for taking the time to meet with me tonight."

"Please, rise Ms. Vogel. I wish I could trust that Austria was doing well, though I would not presume to joke in such a dire time for your country. The Empress, and her sisters, are doing well though, I trust?"

"Things have been rather hard the past three years, of with Her Highness Magdalena stepping down and the Civil War tearing our country apart. When the Germans invaded, if we can survive this, I believe Austria can survive anything. Which is why we were so thankful that the Empire supported us in Cascadia. A war with Texas and Ursalia, while we would welcome. The present is just not the right time for us or our allies."

The Emperor nods. "While the actions of the Ursalians were unfortunate in this case, historical prescidence has shown that is what they will do. Texas, on the other hand, surprised us. I am glad that they listened to reason, and that our mutual allies in the Chinese were able to help you in pacifing the area."

"That may be so, Your Highness, but Her Majesty has doubts on the actions of both Texas and Ursalia. Aside from your nation, Austria is not welcomed in North America, but it will be a cold day in Hell before we withdraw because of the opinions of foreign nations. Princess Angelika has made a lasting mark on the territory, hopefully for good."

"I can understand your feelings on not having your actions be dictated by foreign powers completely."

"We're fighting for that right even now, Highness, Austria's greatest virtue is the belief in Liberty, but if I may remove us from idle talk. It was mentioned in the treaty that was signed a few years back that Austria and Pravus Inguro would work on solidifying relations, further than we have already done. Perhaps we could expand our formal friendship?"

He looked down for a moment, before nodding slowly. With Texas already out of the ATO, there were rumors that Ursalia might not be far behind. It was beginning to seem as if his crowning political achievement might not last long. "What do you suggest?"

"Greater North American and World Protection for both of our states, a Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Pact."

“Much like we have with the Chinese..." Thomas nodded. "I would be open to signing such an upgrade with Austria. You have shown yourselves to be responsible stewards in North America. And I'm sure Jia will be flattered to see relations flourishing between us."

"Well considering that Austria and China are nearly one nation with the Royal Marriage of Theresia and Jia, what is good for China, is good for Austria, and vice versa."

"Indeed. I trust the Empress to update the appropriate clauses from our original treaty. My signature can stand from that document." Thomas looked down for a moment. "Will Austria be requiring our assistance with the Germans?"

"The war has already reached a point, Highness, where we believe that Austrian soldiers can repulse the invaders. Surprisingly, for all the Germans' talk of warfare superiority, our men have been able to do much more with fewer soldiers. Training, it seems does go a long way. Plus, this war will do wonders to bring the country back together from the Civil War. Perhaps if everything goes well, you will see the rise of Austria as a true Great Power on Earth."

Such a thing could not make me happier, Ms. Vogel. Hopefully the next time we meet it will under less... stressful times."

"The pleasure would me mine, Highness, thank you."

And as quickly as she had arrived, Anke was back out, wandering the streets of the Pravus Inguroan capital. The new treaty, a Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Pact had been signed and was paving the way to stronger Austrian influence in the Americas. She couldn't help but smile at the treaty to be faxed. "It won't be long, Minister Kant," Vogel said grinning, "Until I'm your assistant and maybe even Foreign Minister myself."

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