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[u][b]New Regime Brings Hopes of Prosperity and Order[/b][/u]
[b]By: Juliane Braun[/b]

Today marks a new chapter in the history of the Austrian Empire. We have seen our country torn apart in two years of bloody civil war, which has separated us between brother and sister on lines of Royalist and Republican. Now, with a new government forming in Vienna, people have shown the first signs of hope since the coronation of Empress Maria Magdalena, years ago. The coronation ceremony of the young Princess, Maria Theresia von Hapsburg, shows the strength of the Hapsburg Dynasty to recover from what possibly could have led to a Fascist take over of the country. However, local politicians and the Empress herself have stated that the damage done by the Republican agenda will take months if not years to repair.

"Austrian Radicalism has isolated the country," said Ambassador Dennis Beich, emissary to the Athenian Federation. "Nations such as Athens, Germany, and even Dalmatia were cast off due to Republican Rhetoric and now the new Imperial Regime has to pick up the slack. I do believe it can be done, but it will require massive amounts of work."

Beich has already said that diplomatic expansion is in progress with at least Athens, however messages have been sent to Slavorussia and other nations requesting the beginnings of diplomatic talks.

In addition to the diplomatic game that the Hapsburg Regime has begun to play, the Empress has stated publicly that a substantial amount of funding will be set aside for repair projects from the civil war and for expanding Austria's growing infrastructure. While the nation's population has not reached the levels that it had during the reign of Alexander and Maximilian, Austria can safely say that her voice once again matters in not only Europe, but also the world. The Empress' marriage to the Chinese Imperator no doubt has much to do with this extra power.

Furthermore, Empress Theresia has petitioned Parliament to hold an emergency election for new political parties and the election of the Austrian Chancellor to replace Republican leader, Bridgette Saenger, who has since left the country. The elections will be held within the coming week and the Empress has stated that she hopes that the civil war will have reduced the amount of radical ideology from Parliament. If a Moderate Parliament is elected it may make things easier for the Hapsburg reforms to take hold. However, there has already been some discontent in that orders have been issued that the Austrian Imperial Army, still only just repairing itself may be called to deal with rising tensions in Asia.

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[u][b]The World Rides to War, Austria Prepares[/b][/u]
[b]By: Patrick Maur[/b]

The past few days have been enough to make most political scientists and military leaders crawl under their beds in fear. We have seen the invasion of Blue Heaven by the British and following the Athenian-held Geneva Accords, a total reform of the world's military movements in the discovery that Korea seems to be behind British movements. This has prompted a large coalition of nations, led by Athens to declare war on the Korean Federation. While this war is only in it's first stages of movement and planning, the large amount of nations and the possible destruction of Korea, it can be estimated that the toll of destruction for combatants of both sides will be high.

While the Austrian homeland has no real threat from this war, the joint Sino-Austrian territory of Ehestadt is very close in proximity of the conflict. In a statement issued by the Empress earlier today, "The Imperial Guard will be deployed to Ehestadt for the continual protection of Austrian and Chinese citizens in that region. This is a war that Austria has no real interest in as we have no real strong connections with either of the parties that began in. England or Korea. Our hopes are that the conflict will be brief and that human loss is kept to a minimum. However if our allies are placed into difficult situations or our help is requested, this decision will be subject to further review."

The Empress has also made herself clear that Austria would be willing to deploy humanitarian aid during and after the war. As to entering the war itself, Parliament sees this as an opportunity, that if asked could gain ground with old allies placed asunder by the Civil War. But many nationalist groups within the country are adamant about neutrality.

"Half the world is already fighting, our priorities are our territories and maintaining stability with the Chinese. Nothing more." Said Minister Phillip Bohm, "We will be playing this conflict by ear."

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