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we are back and we want you to join The Resistance!


[size="4"]Charter Of The Resistance
[size="3"]I. Application Process and Membership
[/size]To gain membership to the Resistance an applicant must go through the application process. This process will include the completion of the following tasks;
A. Sign up on the forums.
B .Recite the oath.
g. Receive a voucher from 5 members or The spokesman.

[size="3"]II. Code of Conduct
[/size]All Members of the Resistance are expected to abide by the principles of Civility, Gallantry and Honor. These attributes are enshrined in the Code of Conduct:
A. Civility
1. Obey all Rules that come from the oath or the charter.
2. Be honest in all tech and trade deals with other players and fulfill all commitments.
B. Gallantry
Heed all call to arms. Do not leave your fellow alliance mates stranded.
C. Honor
1. Do not engage in aggressive wars without Spokesman or 5 members’ approval first.
2. No member shall surrender on the battlefield unless the entire alliance INCLUDING the spokesman surrenders first.
3. In the case of a departure that nation should return all items, aid and otherwise to the alliance unless otherwise told by Spokesman or Majority vote of alliance.

[size="3"]III. Executive: Position, Powers and Limitations
[/size]A. Spokesman (SM)
1. Powers and Responsibilities
a. Figurehead - The SM shall at all times act as the figurehead of the alliance no matter the situation.
b. Expert Adviser - The SM should be well versed in all facets of the game or in other words be an expert on everything. As such the sm should strive to advise all members on a course of action and do his/her best to answer all questions.
c. Spokesperson - The SM shall make all announcements pertaining to the alliance as a whole unless otherwise delegated. These announcements can be but are not limited to elections results, treaty announcements, etc.
d. War powers – in times of war or great threat to The Resistance, The spokesman may seize absolute power over all,this action could be terminated with a majority vote.
2. Impeachment
a. Impeachment - The SM can be impeached by a Majority vote.

[size="3"]IV. Democratic votes, Powers and Limitations
[/size]All treaties, wars and other decisions will be made through A majority vote, direct democracy model, the powers of the spokesman shall not interfere in any way, shape or form with this sacred Democracy.

[size="3"]V. identity
[/size]We are a leaderless, Democratic alliance with few restrictions.
We are colorless.
Our goal is The Resistance, Our Loyalty is The Resistance, We are The Resistance.

[url="http://s4.zetaboards.com/The_Resistance_cn/index/"]Resistance Forum [/url]

Signed,The Resistance spokesman.

<<Feed termination>>

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