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The City State of Kemet

Hekatawy I

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[size="6"][b]The City State of Kemet[/b][/size][/center]

[b]I. History[/b]

The City State of Kemet (herein referred to as Kemet) is nation descendant from the ancient civilization of eastern North Africa, concentrated in the city of Alexandria. Kemetic civilization coalesced around 3150 BC. Through a series of unstable periods (often referred to as the Intermediate periods), the city state gradually shrank in size, once reaching down towards the lower half of the Nile River Delta, and now comprising most of Cairo.

[b]II. Government and Religion[/b]

Kemet is governed by a Nisut, or spiritual leader (ala, a Pharaoh). The reigning Nisut, is Hekatawy I. The priest caste is the primary ruling body of the city state, with most of the legislation being designed by both the Nisut and the priest caste themselves. Under the priest caste, there is a system of local elections to the city council. The council serves as an advisory body to the Pharaoh, and a direct link to the voice of his subjects.

The religion of Kemet, is distinctly tied to the politics of the city state. As is custom, the Nisut is not only the leader of political government in the city, but also the spiritual leader and guide for Kemet's only faith: Kemeticism. Kemeticism is the worship of the Netjeru, or the many gods and godesses of ancient Kemet. The chief patron god of the city, is Anubis, the god of Mummification rights and rituals.

All other religions are currently prohibited from public practice. Private practice, though discouraged heavily, is not illegal.

[b]III. The Temple Guard[/b]

The only military and police presence to speak of, is the relatively small in number, elite Temple Guard. They are tasked with protecting and maintaining the temples, monuments and personal safety of the Nisut and his or her family. The Nisut serves as the commander and cheif of the roughly 700 man strong guard. The Temple Guard is comprised of mostly well trained infantry, a transport unit and a light armor squadron. Being relegated to mostly peacekeeping and civil service, there is no active navy or air force to speak of outside of firefighting equipment and air lifting capabilities.

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