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Expedition to America

comrade nikonov

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A small plane flew low over the Atlantic. Launched without any official word from the aircraft carrier [i]Sibelius[/i] while the fleet was circling Ireland, the small plane had only room for 5. There was a pilot, co-pilot, two bodyguards, and one of the greatest diplomats Finland has ever seen. The great-grandson of Mannerheim himself was on board that plane.
Carl Gustaf Emil IV was held together a bundle of documents that represented the interests of Finland on the North American continent, and he was on his way to Boston to meet with the new federacy. Perhaps both nations had much to gain from relations.
[i]0532 HOURS BOSTON[/i]
The small plane touched down in a small airport with much accolade. The mission was not public, and there was no intention of creating a media frenzy. The small plane taxied to the corner of the airport, and Carl Gustav Emil IV descended the aircraft, flanked by the two bodyguards. The mission was going smoothly, but the flight had been terrible. He was nauseous many times, and it was likely due to the fragility of the small plane. Regardless, he was a representative of a state, and had to maintain his composure. He walked towards his counterparts...

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