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Funeral for Überstein


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[quote name='Kaiser Martens' timestamp='1304479016' post='2705685']
[u][b]Baron Überstein Is Dead![/b]
[i]The Passing of a Controversial Figure[/i][/u]

Today, on the Fourth of May of year 2???, Baron Überstein, one of Europe's most controversial figures, has been found dead in his bed, having passed out while in his sleep. He had worked tirelessly for his beliefs, firstly having led a revolution in Russia in which he had lost his family but gained a country. Later on he moved to establish the pan-scandinavist state of Übersteinia, which was the sucessor of Ny Sverige, which had greatly aided Kaiser Martens's Silver Revolution. The then-German-Reich and Übersteinia were closed allies for a long time and together had repealed a Celtic Invasion of Scandinavia. At different times in history, Überstein was known to have been involved with doomsday devices and assasinations. Eventually, he decided to step out of the political scene and his nation willingly joined the First Nordland under Kaiser Martens and Bruno Zamoyski.

Upon its failure, Scandinavia was torn and remained until recent times the "Northern Balkans" so to speak. In spite of Übersteins' harsh measures against Religion - which was, essentially publically forbidden - most came to feel nostalgic of his stability. Therefore, he first settled in Mariehamm, modern Germanic Union (Aaland) and eventually from this point of view created Finland. Controversy only grew later when he had opposed the Second Nordland and was one of the many countries responsible for its' undoing. He led Finland well, which managed to continue to be so far a mostly stable country yet with periods of Anarchy - he tried to end Übersteinianism in favor of longer-lasting institutions, but in a continent of Figureheads, such a thing has been complicated.

Eventually, he made peace with Germanic Union and Kaiser Martens - who then became once more a personal friend - and was set to control the unruly regions of former Lübeck, which felt reassured being lead with someone with his experience. He has been developing Jütland and the Danish Islands ever since, even up to this very day. His last show of greatness has been donating 90% of his personal riches to Germanic Union's Government. This fortune has been announced to be from now onwards put to good use: To heal Austria's Nuclear Wounds.

A statue of Überstein is being built at Mariehamm, Aaland, founded by Kaiser Martens himself. Germanic Union has declared three days of mourning.

"We have had many good and bad times with Überstein, but ultimately he was a man that stood up for his beliefs, and I will always respect him for that. Be it Folkvangr or Valhalla, there will always be a special place for him." - Said Martens the Elder.

The new Governor of Jütland and Denmark will be Detlev Steinarr, of Überstein's circle. He has organized with the Althing a funerary march and parade at Berlin and Copenhagen at the same time, in parallel. Überstein will be buried with full military honors of all of his previous nations. He had been 103 years old.[/quote]International dignitaries of sufficient suitability are invited to Baron Erwin Überstein’s Berlin-Copenhagen funeral.
Notable figures in attendance, within reasonable limits of decency-etiquette-respect, will have an opportunity to eulogize Überstein.

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International Reactions
[quote name='Chancellor Patrick' timestamp='1304536732' post='2706128'][i]Kaiser Frederick Von Hapsburg sends his condolences to the friends and family of Baron Überstein, and to but of course Germany[/i].[/quote][quote name='Lynneth' timestamp='1304540821' post='2706148']The German-speaking communities of Sri Lanka would send their condolences as well as set up a fund to keep the Überstein estate in pristine condition. He was an admired man.[/quote][quote name='Triyun' timestamp='1304551632' post='2706348']He was still alive?[/quote][quote name='Kaiser Martens' timestamp='1304560613' post='2706476']"He was. You know us oldschool leaders, we're die-hard." - Martens the Elder.[/quote]

As seen in Kaiser Marten's [b]German News[/b] (http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=78142)
[i]Out of Character[/i] this thread is conducted with Kaiser Marten’s permission

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