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Presidential and Congressional Elections For The United States of The Islands



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As the four year term of the first President of The United States of The Islands comes to an end, it is time we either let him rule another four years or choose a new seat of power. With the Congressional elections also coming up, this will decide who has the majority of Congress.
The following is the list of the three major parties, and their nominees for President of The United States of The Islands.

[size="5"][b]The Independent Party[/b][/size]

Independent Presidential Nominee

[i]David Anthony O'Reilly - Current President of The United States of The Islands[/i]

The Independent Party has no exact set of principals however they are made up of the politicians that did not want to join either Republican or the Unionist parties. Out of all the things the do not have in common, they do all believe in the founding principals of the country. With their low numbers, it is a question if they could win a majority at this election.


[size="5"][b]Republican Party[/b][/size]

Republican Presidential Nominee

John Paul - The Current Governor of The Territory of The Western Isles

The Republican Party is one the strongly supports all liberties and Freedoms currently enjoyed by citizens and wishes to keep these liberties alive and strong.

-The Republican Party (GOP - Grand Old Party) agrees with the current aggressive stance that President David has and thinks the United States, while keeping our culture in check, should be involved in world affairs and stand up for freedom and Republics world wide.
-The GOP believes that a large portion of the budget should go towards Defense Spending and towards weapons to help defend the Republic when needed and offend others if necessary.
-Also, with the large amount of surplus money in the Treasury the GOP believes half of it should be put into a "Rainy Day" fund and the remaining money should be used to expand the nations infrastructure.
-The Republican Party supports gaining strong Capitalist, Conservative allies - preferably in the immediate region of the United States or North America.
-The Republican Party would like to reform the current states. Along with uniting a few on the Island, the GOP also supports making most of the Western Isles each a State (unless if they have a very limited population).
-The GOP, while upholding separation of Church and State, believes in holding up Catholic values and morals.


[size="5"][b]The Union Party[/b][/size]

Unionist Presidential Nominee
[img] http://wfmj.images.worldnow.com/images/12195334_BG1.jpg[/img]

John Boehner - Current Speaker of The House of Representatives

The Union Party supports keeping the country together and strong in every way it can; economically, culturally, and politically.

-The Union Party believes that the country should be just as loud in world affairs.
-The Union Party believes that much of the budget should be focused towards incentives for citizens and corporations to be innovative and some of the money to go towards defense spending.
-The Union Party agrees with the GOP on using the Treasury's money for a "Rainy Day" fund however they think most of it should be used for infrastructure.
-The Union Party believes that the United States should acquire stable allies in Western Europe with good, honorable histories. The Union Party believes that the culture of the United States should be preserved by all costs.
-The Union Party believes that the Western Isles should be made into two large states or at least something along that line.


OOC: The voting might last around 24 hours but I might extend it. I have chosen who will win for President but ya'll get to decide who controls congress. Happy picking!
Also (to Michi and Cochin) I have been asking ya'll who I should make President David, I chose the guy from Eragon!

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OOC: Voting Over

2 for Republicans
1 for Unionists
8 for Independents

IC: As of today, the United States now has a majority of Independents in congress. This was something totally unexpected however it is obvious the people of the United States are not as predictable as people would like them to think.

[b]72%[/b] of Congress belongs to the Independent Party
[b]18%[/b] of Congress belongs to the Republican Party
[b]10%[/b] of Congress belongs to the Unionist Party

With these new numbers it is a wonder of who will win for President of The United States of The Islands. We will keep you posted and updated as the polls come to a close around the country.

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