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Announcement from the Government of Transvaal


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[b]Announcement from the Council of the National Front of Transvaal[/b]

By Order of the Council of the National Front of Transvaal, the National Front of Transvaal is hereby disbanded. The governance and sovereignty of the Republic of Transvaal has been transfered to the the Parliament of the Republic of Transvaal, comprised of the Senate (Senaat) and House of Assembly (Volksraad). The Senate will provisionally be comprised of the former Council of the National front while the House of Assembly will provisionally be comprised of members selected by the Senate.

General Peter van Haesten has been unanimously nominated by the Senate and unanimously supported in the Volksraad for the position of State President (Staatspresident), which he has accepted. Annetjie van Matteus has been appointed Prime Minister after nomination by the House of Assembly.

The Parliament has written, voted on and approved a new constitution that will serve as the legal basis for the Republic of Transvaal.

The House of Assembly, known as the Volksraad in Afrikaans, will serve as the lower house of the Transvaal Parliament and shall be comprised of 300 members elected from single member districts from the five provinces and self governing dependencies. Seats will be distributed based on population after every election, which shall be called by the Staatspresident every five years, or when the Prime Minister loses the confidence of the Volksraad. The self governing territories shall be given a number of non-voting delegates of no fewer than 8 but no more than 12 seats each, also elected from single member districts.

The Senate shall be comprised of 24 members from every province and 6 members from the three self governing territories. All Senators have the right to vote in the Senate which will serve primarily as a deliberative body, as all government and monetary bills must originate in the Volksraad.

The Volksraad has called for elections, which shall be held in one month's time, during which a national census will be taken.

[b]Provinces:[/b] Rhodesia Province (Dark Green), Transvaal Province (Light Green), Orange Free State (Orange), Cape Province (Red), South West Africa Province (Yellow)

[b]Self Governing Territories:[/b] Angola-Namibia (Purple), Basutoland/Lesotho (Brown), Bechuanaland/Botswana (Blue)

[b]Self Governing Dependencies: [/b] Saint Helena, Tristan da Cunha, Ascenscion

Provinces are fully integrated in the federal system of the Republic of Transvaal. Although provinces do not maintain individual governments, they are divided into regions, metropolitan and rural districts and parishes. Regions have a relatively minor role, with unelected boards and Regional Development Agencies. Below the region level there is a district council responsible for services such as education, waste management and strategic planning within a district, with several councils responsible for services such as housing, waste collection and local planning. These councils are elected in separate elections.

Self Governing Territories are regions set aside for primarily native use and feature devolved legislatures with a degree of autonomy and authority given to it by the national government. For the purposes of parliamentary sovereignty, the Parliament of Transvaal continues to constitute the supreme legislature of these territories; however, some of its responsibilities over the domestic policy of the territories has been handed to directly elected Territorial Parliaments. Such matters are known as "devolved matters" and include education, health, agriculture and justice though some domestic and all foreign policy remain with the national Parliament.

Self Governing Dependencies are the small inhabited islands of the South Atlantic and while remaining fully integral parts of the Republic, they have authority equal to that of District Councils while not being part of a province.

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