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Over!? Why my dear, delusional dark knight, it hasn't even begun

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I present to you ... [size="6"][u][b]Gotham![/b][/u][/size]


[url="http://cnbatcave.com/"]Our Forums[/url] || [url="http://cnbatcave.co.cc/index.php?p=1_3_Our-Charter"]Our Charter[/url] || [url="http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/Gotham"]Our Wiki[/url] || #Gotham on IRC (Coldfront)[/center]

Every now and then you can find the guy that says wow this game is boring well I typically tell them that perhaps they are not in the right alliance!

Gotham emerged just as the rest of the word began to be engulfed in one of the largest mindless wars in history. Gotham is not only a commonsense alliance that embraces that traditional half work, half play hybrid, however its an alliance of opportunity, of innovation, and exploration. From its sleek forums, to its competent world class government, and its massive stockpiles of cash on hand Gotham can meet your needs.

There is never a dull day in Gotham. If you are not building your nation up with the mounds of aid we are offering, debating with some of our government on issues concerning the cyber-verse, or perhaps just shooting the breeze with our social and active recruits then you need to get over to our forums and apply for membership! Gotham accommodates not only the young but we welcome the veterans and greet them with only respect. Need I mention we are also the home of Batman!

So come and check us out pop in and say hi perhaps put in your application or a request for diplomacy. Looking forward to hearing from you.



[*]A chance to become a part of history in the making
[*]Opportunity for advancement within our ranks
[*]$12 million in start up aid
[*]A world class leadership
[*]Assistance with tech deals and trades to increase your national income
[*]An advanced training program to teach you how to effiecently build your nation


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How many new players come to the forums anyway? Hey I'm just saying!


Anybody want to join? Hey I'll be here all night!


I wish Catwoman would come over too my house!

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[size="6"]Who is better Harvey Quinn? [/size]


[size="6"]Or Poison Ivy?[/size]


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[size="7"]Im a artist[/size]


[size="7"]Join now![/size]

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[quote name='NoMutantAllowed' timestamp='1301242175' post='2678274']
[size="6"]Who is better Harvey Quinn? [/size]

Harley Quinn.

...or perhaps Harvey Dent.

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Gotham needs some good active people, who have a little ambition and dont mind independently running and managing things. We accommodate the experienced and the new. Gotham is a one size fits all. Check the forums out:


If you are not sure if you should join Gotham join us anyways... if you dont like it then you can leave =P but that wont happen.

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