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Ladies and Gentlemen! It is our pleasure to introduce to you the first annual Asiavision contest, Asiavision 2011! This will be a competition in musical talent between all the nations on our fair continent. Start warming up those vocal chords, as the start date is rapidly approaching! Who will take home this year's championship? You'll never know until you try, and you won't try until you sign up. Official entry forms are available on request, and we look forward to seeing every nation participate. We have a few minor rules that all nations need to follow.

1. This contest is open to Asian nations only. Any nation who holds territory within the outline of the logo is eligible!
2. Only one group may participate per nation
3. All members of the group must be citizens and permanent residents of their entry nation
4. All group members must be at least 16 years old
5. Any song entered into the contest must either be in the national language of the entry nation, or in English
6. No pre-recorded vocals are allowed. Electronic beats may be used. If instruments are required, the Mietonka Philharmonic Orchestra will play any music given to them.
7. The winner is determined by majority vote.

Applications are due by April 1st, and we look forward to seeing you in Mietonka for the first annual Asiavision Music Contest!

[quote]Application Form:
-Nation Name:
-Group Name:
-Group Members:
-Song Being Performed (YouTube Link):
-Will You Be Bringing Beats:
-Do You Require Instrument Accompaniment:
-Any Special Requests:

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