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In 1989, the Cold War was Supposed to End...


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On March 21 20XX, a conference of delegations from the British Columbian CCP, the Albertan CCP, the Saskatchewan CCP and the Manitoban CCP approved the Treaty of Creation of the CCCP and the Declaration of its creation, these two documents were confirmed by the 1st Congress of Canadian Communist Union of the CCCP and signed by heads of delegations respectively on March 24, 20XX.

. . . March 09 20XX

The movement for sovereignty had grown to massive proportions and the most organized and widespread effort to attain that end came from the various communist parties of Canada who had begun dialogue, sparking talks of union, resurgence, revolution. Several provisional leaders of the temporary governments challenged the power moves of the newly unified front, but their cries were quickly stifled by the overwhelming pressures by the masses whom had begun to sway with the Communists who promised sovereignty and offered the most promising avenue to reach it.

. . . March 15 20XX

A mass campaign calling for an overthrow of the temporary government began. Though the Communist party detailed a democratic means of overthrow, these details did not catch wind with the masses. A day of simultaneous rallies throughout the provinces exploded in revolts and the collapse of the temporary government of British Colombia. Organized by the Communist Party; the elections that followed ended in a sweeping victory for the Reds. Three days following this event, Manitoba fell. Saskatchewan was under threat of a similar fate, while Alberta began to feel the pressures of being sandwiched between the communist provinces.

. . .March 20 20XX

The Communist provinces offered a solution to the political turmoil and stated that rather than remain protected regions, why not forge a new nation through unity. Internal pressures as well as external ones created by the Communist Provinces indirectly led to the collapse of Saskatchewan. Following this, a congress was brought together that was to decide the fate of the Canadian regions. Alberta bitterly attended. By the next day, the congress had legalized the creation of a union of the several Canadian provinces in the form of the Confederation of Communist Canadian Provinces. Immediately proceeding the mandatory new elections within Alberta, the Declaration of the Creation of the CCCP was issued.

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OOC: Based on our conversations, and me expressly saying that a Communist government would not be allowed to form in my protectorate, sorry, but this isn't recognized or legitimate. You know where my inbox is if you wish to discuss it further.

Also, if revolts were to be had, they would have needed to be RP'd with me. You cannot RP my police forces or military troops in the region, who certainly would not have allowed this to happen. Therefore, the revolts never happened and this "nation" does not exist.


The Empire apologizes to all nations who extended recognition to this new "CCCP". A group of over-zealous Canadian politicians, who in no way represent the majority of the population of the Canadian protectorate, somehow got control of some long-range radios and decided to broadcast their "independence" to the world. Please be aware that the area is still safely and securely in Imperial control.

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