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  1. If these resources will not be offered voluntarily, the crusaders of God may have to seize them by force!
  2. Clearly the Congo has no friends in this predatory crowd of nations. How dare you presume to consider yourselves FREE. Until you treat with the smaller nations, we can not and will not respect your ways.
  3. We are not joining any alliances, because nobody is allied with us. The first priority is establishing secure trade routes. We have already secured friendships with a couple of neighbors, however we are still lacking the spices and sugar we need. Vortex, The Congo humbly accepts your diplomatic envoy and escorts him to the presidential palace. What can Dragonisia offer to the faithful multitudes of The Congo? Have you wheat and fish?
  4. We are a patient people, though the Will of God should not be tested!
  5. Josephy Kony, the commander of the Lord's Resistance Army, approaches the podium to issue his prepared speech: "The Congo is now ready to step on to the world stage, and provide its bountiful Marble and Water to its neighbors. On this world stage, we are aware that there are those who have too long profited off the exploitation of poor nations like The Congo. Too long have you all lived in this fat land and preyed upon those who could not defend themselves. No longer. The Congo hereby requests admission into the Free Alliances, and with our abundant natural resources and the Will of God we will restore balance to the world. Let us even the playing field together."
  6. Already, we have dispatched our ambassadors to the following lands to ensure the wealth of The Congo. We expect our delegations to be treated with respect, and to be acknowledged within a week of arrival. PresidentProTempore Inferno9 Ballpit Salazarstan Weedland Please allow us to establish an embassy and trade relations. It will benefit both our nations.
  7. Hello, You have recently heard of the coup in Kinshasa. The Lord's Resistance Army has successfully established control of The Congo, and we are now making our bountiful water and marble available to all red nations. Please send the following in exchange: Aluminum Cattle Fish Gems Iron Lumber Marble Pigs Spices Sugar Water Wheat We seek peaceful trades, though my people demand these resources. Violence is not an option we like to consider, though nations must possess the right to employ in by the Will of God if needed.
  8. The Lord's Resistance army has successfully taken control of the capital, Kinshasa, and we are now the ruling authority of The Congo. To this end, we are seeking to defend and control all of OUR natural resources to OUR benefit and pursue our best interests. We have established ourselves in the RED trading sphere, and seek new trade partners. We humbly offer vast quantities of marble and water in exchange for the following: Aluminum Cattle Fish Gems Iron Lumber Pigs Spices Sugar Wheat Without these resources we cannot grow. We are peacefully seeking trades, though my people demand fish among other resources. And who are you to deny them? Please add to this discussion if you are interested in trading with the bountiful Congo.
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