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  1. 3 hours ago, MaineGOP said:

    Oh man the no nuking rules back then lol, we were one of the first to declare that if you attack us, we are nuking you. But yeah planet bob is a shell of its former self... Oh well I'm having fun watching it burn, i'll make sure to turn the lights out when i'm done.

    wasn't there a specific reason why Nuke use were not encouraged till a point at that time? Global Radiation levels.

  2. 1 hour ago, Noctis Lucis Caelum said:

    There can be many reasons for war, but I was using the example to debunk the claim Blackatron was oblivious as to what Gh0s7 did from his AA.


    I never said that was the justification Oculus is using for the war, but I do think it further illustrates this war isn't undeserved.

    Blackatron may not be oblivious to the "allegations" that Ghos7 was engaging in hostile moves against your alliance, he may have not done anything to stop it (or may have and we simply don't know that) but that doesn't mean that Blackatron is aware of any anti-Oc moves from Ghos7 (if there were any). In anycase Ghos7 was nomore a member in TTK when the declare was made resulting in Oc members latching on to the mask of Spectre Dischord handle in TTK server.  

  3. 8 hours ago, Noctis Lucis Caelum said:

    It would probably be a good idea if you followed Lucius' example on making less stupid posts. I don't have an obligation to prove anything to you and neither does Oculus, although your petty nation is much smaller.;)


    Also I never said my nation was the CB, Gh0s7 likes to conspire against a lot of people and alliances; making him a lot of enemies.

    U Don't need to prove anything to me and neither does Oc, but that doesn't mean I can't make some of observations in this Conflict as an outsider.

    Ghos7 may like to conspire against many nations but the issue here is which of his so called conspiracy threatened Oc and if that was done With help of TTK. If his conspiracy against you and ur tiny alliance was  not the reason then I fail to see the reason you mention it to justify the war declare.

  4. 1 hour ago, General Kanabis said:


    ISX is literally a self proclaimed imperial faction.

    Junka literally calls himself the emperor of mankind.


    Should start with them first tbh ^_^

    Give ur ex alliance a break man, think abt it, why won't they be outraged over some rogue attacking them because of a war elsewhere where UCR and LSF have no role in.


    Banned has tried to destroy Micros and implement pzi for lesser reasons, surely he will identify with the outrage LSF and UCR expressed here.

  5. 8 hours ago, Noctis Lucis Caelum said:

    Lol, I'm not afraid of you or anyone else. I would be willing to show you proof Blackatron knew about Gh0s7 activities in requesting me sanctioned; with him not caring when I notified him. Although I see no reason to share it with you unless you want to make a bet with me regarding it, so I would have some kind of incentive to show.

    Please explain how Ghos7 used his membership status with TTK to hurt your nation? From what I understand Ghos7 could (allegedly) get you sanctioned whether he is in TTK or not. You also are not saying other TTK gov members also took active participation in anti-Methrage conspiracy? I am not aware if TTK (or any major alliance) prohibits it's nations from sending private messages with other friendly alliances and senators.
    And if Ghos7 actions against your petty little nation is the CB here then I fail to see a reason why Oculus is not declaring wars against other alliances whose senators sanctioned you.

  6. 8 minutes ago, Franz Ferdinand said:

    Highly unlikely that was the reason, but it would have likely been seen as supportive evidence if that was indeed the case.

    Yes I am just saying that because right now nothing better about Ghos7 alleged activities against Oculus is stated here nor any evidence of his membership status beyond his former Discord mask.

  7. Just now, Lord Hitchcock said:

    A civilized bloc is bringing back clear, non fabricated CBs and derserved justice. Something this world needs more of.


    Finally a bloc that holds the guilty accountable.


    I would have believed you if the same bloc had not fought the same opponent just a few months without a real CB (just like this one).


    4 minutes ago, Immortan Junka said:

    However, Gh0s7 did opportunistically go rogue in the last couple days against ISX while we are fighting AM. Is he still a member of TTK? Who knows, AA hopping and multi-AA memberships is quite the thing with that crowd.


    You do realise that this thread is abt Oculus war on TTK and not Ghos7 war against ISX while serving in AM?

  8. 47 minutes ago, The Big Bad said:

    We are not gonna drain TTK completely. You're gonna turn for us. You'll be our slaves. You'll live for us. You'll eat bugs because we order it. Why? Because I don't think you're worthy of Tech. You'll feed on the Tech of stray nations. You'll be our foot stool. And at our command, you'll lick the dog !@#$ from our boot heel. Since you'll be our dog, your new name will be 'Spot'. Welcome to slavery.

    y all are more truthful than SLAP I give you that.

    6 minutes ago, Immortan Junka said:

    Gh0s7 was running around hatching plots that far exceeded his role as an ordinary TTK member. I was flabbergasted when he contacted me for the first time claiming to handle FA for FTW. FTW had been our allies for well over a year, and there was a sheer conflict of interests there when he was allied to Mogar (anti-ISX and plotting to roll us).


    When Gh0s7 chewed me out for kicking Mogar from our discord after he came making threats, I knew he was compromised. Sure enough, FTW cancelled on us two days after Mogar tried to bribe Cubaquerida (an ISX tech client) to look the other way. This was right around the time Ericsw123 rogued ISX with AM backing as well.


    I would never tolerate this sort of scheming behavior from any ISX member.

    All I see in your complaint letter is the alleged stuff Ghos7 did. Also I don't see Ghos7 being part of TTK at the time of declare, he left TTK on 26th. Do you have actual proof that Ghos7 held membership of TTK as of 28th or when the this war was declared? Ghos7 also joined AM on 27th or 26th so why no declare against AM?
    More importantly do you honestly believe that the alleged stuff Ghos7 did is the reason for this war? Maybe it is to press for the banishment of TTK  from Maroon to fulfill the political objectives of NG in Maroon(last I checked they were pushing BS proposals in senate, so BS that their own allies NoR senator rejected them in one occasion when he voted with conscience probably)

  9. Just now, Noctis Lucis Caelum said:

    I'm not surprised to see someone who's part of a bloc created by Gh0s7 spouting propaganda for them. Considering Gh0s7 was making demands on behalf of your bloc before it was announced (As a member of TTK) and even signed his name in your flag; its obvious who's really leading your "White Bloc".



    How is it Propaganda. It is view of a casual person who followed the last TTK NG war with slight interest. Not my problem that I saw TTK kicking multiple asses causing even more alliances to join the war and stem the losses in the battle front while facing even more rout in the Maroon political front. And my point is further validated by the fact that this post is tagged #SweetRevenge.

    Sweet revenge for what? Ghos7 non visible actions actions against a bloc 10 times larger than ttk? No, it is sweet revenge for humiliation of MD3 at the hands of a outnumbered TTK and its allies.

  10. 4 hours ago, Noctis Lucis Caelum said:

    To be fair to Marcvs, he was actually fighting better than the rest of you. So when he realized even he couldn't get a damage advantage on me and he saw everyone else in the alliance who was fighting failing miserably; he decided he would rather admit defeat than face the devastation an entire round of nuclear war would have brought. He was actually doing you guys a favor, considering Grammaton was having no trouble outdamaging six of you at once in the lower tier on his own despite no wonders & would have preferred to see the entire round play out to the end.


    Seeing as you and others complaining about him surrendering to a 2-man Alliance hopped on over to an alliance who surrendered to a 1-man Alliance not long before this occurred, I see quite a bit of irony in you complaining over Marcvs' decision. ;)

    I think Marco is better off than without these people. 2 great loyal friends is better than 22 ungrateful idiots.

  11. On 7/27/2017 at 5:53 AM, Amun Thanatos said:

    I fired cuise missiles, launched bombing raids, and deployed thousands of troops and maxed out tanks for defence.

    I went straight to Defcon 1 and Severe and asked for aid so I could push out of -minus Improvement slots.  

    Due to my armed forces increase decreasing my population count.

    Swap improvements out for barracks and guerrilla camps with further aid and use the remaining tech aid as bait. 

    Then crush remaining forces with troops saved from being deployed but not engaging and left over tanks.


    You publicly surrendered and became a liability to our nation's self respect.

    Not even an apology and Peace Treaty but a surrender and admission of defeat.

    Like we couldn't have done anything against two Nations of similar strength range. 



    Lol what I read from you r long post is that you had no money and still wanted to fight Methrage. I now guess Marco did the right thing surrendering. He made mistakes before the war but after it escalated he did the right thing. Next time build a war chest, it is probably ur request for aid that triggered Marco to seek peace.

  12. On 7/26/2017 at 9:35 PM, Blackatron said:

    Is micros having all their members kicked and banned the new trend?

    Micros being bullied and imposed membership restrictions (like bans on Govt members) after being attacked is the trend in CN last 1 year at least. You should know abt it more than most here I guess. 


    As for OM it is also a case of Marco recruiting the wrong people looking at Diego for example and this one here who sent me this after I offered him peace and invite to my alliance.


    To: Vortagre    From: AntiChoice    Date: 7/27/2017 8:32:37 PM

    Subject: Questions that need Answered


    Message: The imbecile Vortagre has attacked my nation. Such fools really should look before they leap. I have copied him on this message. I make no threats today. I ask for no mercy, no quarter. 

    I only need to know if you authorized it and if you still sanction it. Please respond within the next two days. 

    Thank you!

  13. 2 hours ago, Captain Enema said:


    At least you see the hypocrisy of SLAP and its members in this situation. Worry not, I will restore the tarnished glory of DS. I will make DS great again!

    Cheers to you. Never been fan of doom and for my experience Doom children were also weak (one or two exceptions) but I hope you make Doom great again.

  14. 6 hours ago, James Spanier said:


    Call me a political novice, but I don't believe pointing to your alliance owner and 'respected' Triumvir peer and calling their competence into question publicly is going to improve peoples opinion of an AA that just surrendered to a two man AA they allegedly are more then capable of dealing with. Also yes, it would be foolish, which is why it was foolish to bring up and inform everyone that this was a unilateral "mistake" and "bad decision" which was promptly adopted as a position and will thus still serve as your legacy. Of course you did get to throw in that foreboding "for the time being" as if you were going to do something about it later. 


    Transparency to save face is best left for friends and allies behind closed doors, not aired as dirty laundry, regardless of how much febreze labeled "respect" you spray on it.

     Exactly what I was thinking. Not a good move to do it unless ofcource if it is some kind of a power move on his part.

  15. 3 hours ago, Marcvs said:

    I did not want the intervention of CotM and the help of other players who wrote to me on Discord. Maybe I had to accept but it was not honorable for me, to ask or receive for help.

    As far as OM is concerned, we are an alliance with less than 100 days of life and our nations are all newbie. We have a long way to go, I think our yield is not a drama

    I feel you should have requested CoTM's help in military and diplomatic areas. They are liable to help u guys out even at a state of dishonour. In any case its not abt the honour or dishonour of CoTM, what matters is saving ur allies from attacks from an experienced and powerful opponent, it should been ur only priority. 


    Its always better to keep one guy at CoTM in the loop at all time while you are doing diplomacy/threats with or against other sovereigns. Anyways these incidents teaches u things. 

  16. 2 hours ago, General Gorgoth said:

    What that gov member in COBRA who GK kicked out after the whole thing was uncovered. I had universal support from the alliance in how I handled that. After Monster Mash Archangel1 took over for quite a while. When he left and I took power again we started getting more drive and reinforced our treaty web until a merger was agreed. Wars are good but often people dont want to be in war. I act as my alliance is inclined.

    My sources inside TMG said otherwise. Maybe they didn't voice themselves strongly, maybe they did, anyways ur subsequent treaty did cause disillusion and this I know for fact.


    Not a coincidence that an AA that survived Cobra Civil war, Bron Stomp and Monster Mash was gone within a few weeks after you signed the peace treaty. 

  17. 23 minutes ago, General Gorgoth said:

    The Mage's Guild went from just me and Archangel to a significant player in the micro sphere and eventually merged to form what at its creation was something that could not be described as a micro. In short it went from a two person micro to a macro alliance so where exactly did my stance on peace go wrong.

    I know the rise of TMG quite well. It went into a decline soon after the Monster Mash. I will blame your handling of the COBRA spygate incident. Prolonged peace is a good thing for an alliance like ISX or say VE because they are established, mature and don't get threatened but for smaller guys activity is key. Wars keep the membership engaged and loyal. Look at COBRA and even your own current alliance SNX, look at PoSSE. GK has done a good job at COBRA making things always interesting (subjective view I agree).

  18. 18 minutes ago, General Gorgoth said:

    War is war. And personally I've never been a fan of it in game. I mean it does add interesting dynamics and I think the treaties it leads to are excellent but I personally always try to steer any alliance I'm in away from it. After all I'm sure negotiations will take some time. You'll have your taste of blood.

    War is great. Your alliance is not in a bad position from an outsider perspective. Do you think you are doing your alliance a service by offering talks bypassing that of your "leader", or is Junka no longer that much in command as he was before?
    GG I know your principles very well but your peace licking stance hasn't gotten you far esp in the case of TMG (it is no more and half its members gone from the game)

  19. 1 hour ago, MaineGOP said:


    Well for one I'm seeing a lot of "new forum posters" with single posts coming on to surrender or support junka. Just sayin'.

    I was talking from my personal experience seeing how Serb is questioning Junka's good or bad intentions when it is so subjective in CN nowadays. Fact that its my first post in OWF isn't relevant.
    Not really taking any side or trying to defend Junka. I got your point, this war is due to a variety of reasons not really a war between good and evil. I am sure Morph and AM has good reasons to fight ISX.

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