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  1. 3 hours ago, Serberus_I said:


    Haha, keep telling yourself that Junka, but syaing it doesn't make it true.


    If you were on the side of good, you wouldn't have declared on and targeted every single member of AM, only those responsible for these "acts", particularly you wouldn't have attacked non-nuclear nations with nukes. Tut tut. Even your own members don't like that.

    Hi Serb.
    Your own alliance declares on innocent nations (in OoT, TIE, TMG)  that too to defend (only in one case against TIE)  your treaty allies (COBRA)and then nukes non nuclear nations, something tells me Junka acting better than the way AM usually treats others esp Micros. I might be wrong , and Junka might have done something else that I don't know so bear with me for saying it.

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