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  1. Fixed it. They would be giving us a good kick in the rear if they could just organize.
  2. This is hilarious. That is all I have to say about that. Samwise, kurd what do you think of this post? Think about it.
  3. So stating a fact that we did not know pre war is starting something? It is not our fault you guys suck at war chest. You had every opportunity we had as an alliance. The only difference in strength between us would be because someone sucked at building more than the other. Your entire fairness argument is ridiculous as it basically says that we shouldn't declare on you because you suck and not because you had been in other wars. Rememeber last round when Skaro declared on only alliances that had been at war and rolled since the start of the round.
  4. not sure if this guy is annoying or funny anymore. :/ I mean he is like the guy who is losing at chess who makes crap up, throws the board across the room and declares himself the winner and honestly believes that everyone watching agrees with him. Oh wait I figured it out, not annoying or funny, just sad. I mean it was funny when he was just losing and annoying when he made stuff up and threw the board aacross the room and declared himself the winner but now that he believes it..... just sad. Lord of the rings quote "Now that I see him I do pitty him"
  5. I don't think that adds up to 2 million. I am in a hurry so I don't have time to do an exact count.
  6. I never said you said that. I was acknowledging that you said you didn't speak for your alliance and was thanking HD for that. Also funny, because everyone I am fighting from Skaro seems to be giving me what little money they have. Love the tech though.
  7. I love you for not giving DT the ability to speak for SKARO! Also mentioning me? I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Best of luck!
  8. For those just finding this thread TL;DR Lol @ people using post update numbers to say this is a down declare. Me and samwise have nuclear love. We are glowing. I actually quoted some post from this thread because they are hilarious. Great op
  9. So next round without authorization I can hit someone and you will say "bad dog" slap my hand and I can remain in the alliance? Samwise senpai is amazing! Also I have a new signature.
  10. Oh thank Allah! This post makes me so happy. I love you HD. Also I reiterate "At this point all you're doing is further proving my point. I don't have to pretend it's an updeclare. It is an updeclare. "
  11. " Skaro takes on a lot of new nations who're trying to learn the game and aren't very active," And " We don't need WC. We plan on spending your guy's WC " So you are teaching new nations to spend everything and get rolled?
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