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    Games in general. RTS, FPS, Warhammer 40,000, Halo, End War, Command and Conquer, Civ series.<br /><br />Politics, I'm a right leaning conservative and a 9/12er.

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  1. Emperor Kameron

    Deleting my nation

    So the starting two resources are randomly generated? Someone told me you could chose while you were creating them. Huh... Ok... I have another question. I have trouble purchasing technology up one level when I clearly have the funds yet it does not give me the option when I don't have enough. Is there limit that I need to have a certian amount of funds to purchase technology? It wouldn't even let me buy it at half the cost. I had to wait until I had well over $10,000 to purchase one level. Yes I know about the ramp up cost per level. A glitch perhaps? Other than that I guess I'll tough it out and keep what I have right now. There is a certian nation I want to pummel, question is if I'll ever catch up with this said nation. Anyway... Thank you for your time.
  2. Emperor Kameron

    Deleting my nation

    I've used the search option and so far I could not find a conclusive threat about what all happens when you delete your nation. I'm not too happy with the two resources I chose for my nation and I heard that you could chose these when you create your nation also I spent all my money on technology instead of infastructure and defense and my nation's development has been pretty slow. It's been a while since I played this game. However.... I do not want to lose my current trade partners and my current population and I want to keep the same name of nation without having it already existing it in some database. Suggestions?
  3. Emperor Kameron

    The GOP is Recruiting

    Not to get off subject but I heard the GOP is recruiting. Where do I sign up? Yes I'm a noob, go easy on me.