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What the hell...

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Hello people I spammed this blog too. By now you should be thinking what the hell is this, and why am I still reading it? Both of those would be valid questions, so let me answer them. This is a blog related to nothing and well, it will not add anything to your life, and as far as why you continue to read this, I have no idea...something must be wrong with you.

So. I am bored, and that means its a perfect time for the second installment of Shens radioblogesphere. I call it a radioblogeshpere because I conquered DE radio, and now have the power to complain about people on live radio! (Well 30 seconds delay) but close enough.

So...let's see whats going on in 'teh cybernations'

/me looks to IRC


/me looks to cn forums


/me looks to alliance forums


Well... I guess I cannot provide you with the drama as I don't know any. If I did I would totally leak it to everyone reading this blog...but then again nobody reads it so it would be like me telling myself. :lol:

Anyway. Not much going on in the world of green, so whatever.

Oh, wait. I need to readd my intro.


Someone, emperor of somewhere


If you view this leave a comment. :ph34r: lolz

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