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I am Emperor of something....




Hello people I spammed this blog too. By now you should be thinking what the hell is this, and why am I still reading it? Both of those would be valid questions, so let me answer them. This is a blog related to nothing and well, it will not add anything to your life, and as far as why you continue to read this, I have no idea...something must be wrong with you.

Back to the world of cybernations.....

I am an Emperor of an alliance nobody has heard of, I think its called The Dark Evolution but it may take some time to verify. I know its in my alliance affiliation but as far as I can tell I just run around yelling at people... I don't have a cool castle to hang out or anything.If I don't have a castle or temple or anything dedicated to me what kind of Emperor am I! <_<

Well that is all I have to say this November the 11th, 2008, my name is Phillip Defranco and you have just been filled in, ohhhh wait.....no. Just kidding, this is the random green show. :ph34r:


Someone, emperor of someplace



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