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NFL Quick Hits

Goofy Goober



Jason Campbell: Im rooting for him this year. We heard all the excuses for him this year that his offensive line sucked, the offensive scheme keeps changing, he has small receivers, etc, etc. If he wasnt such a great teammate and such a smart guy with amazing potential, Todd Collins would have kept the job after going 4-0 as a starter in 2007. This preseason the offensive line looks great and Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly are trying to step up.

Redskins VS Patriots: I cant wait to see Brian Orakpo put Tom Brady on his back. The Pats offensive line doesnt look to good.

Baltimore Ravens: I cant stop raving about the Ravens. They have such a ball hawking defense. Everyone flies to the ball and they force fumbles and when they intercept passes, they return them for TDs.

What Im watching: Im watching a boring game, Miami at Tampa Bay

Philly VS Jacksonville: Well that was an interesting game. Michael Vick went 4-4 for 19 yards with one rushing yard and played 6 snaps. On the sidelines the camera caught Donovan McNabb making throat slashing gestures and if you read McNabb's lips he was saying, "Take him out, hes done" in reference to Michael Vick sharing snaps at quarterback with McNabb.

I guess now it finally dawned on Donovan McNabb that the better Vick plays, the less that McNabb gets to play.

Oh and back to the game, Philly won on a last minute field goal by David Ackers, 33-32



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