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Darth Elecian



Its been like how many weeks since I last posted my first blog entry? No matter, it is time for me to post in a new blog entry considering how many events have happened since I last posted. :P

Since my term as Vice President of the Paladins of Freedom has ended, I decided to return to the Legion which was my first alliance every when I started playing Cybernations. I've actually have been planning to return to the Legion for weeks now so on Friday, I was finally relieved to have been able to return to the Legion. My former Paladins have given their goodbye wishes, good lucks, and we'll miss you posts. When I rejoined the Legion, I was welcomed back with open arms much more warmly than I expected but hey, who said I was complaining?! :P Other than that, to my fellow Legionnaires and Paladins that might be reading this, I would like to give you guys a shoutout. :)

A heads up to you people that care, I would like to note that I did join the national guard in late July of this year and I will be going off to boot camp in September. I will be back around thanksgiving in November so because I will be gone for two months, I will be having President Met nation sit for me in my absence. After that, I should have access to the internet in Advanced training so it is all good. ;)

Its a bit late to go in depth on my thoughts on the whole Karma war ordeal (in specifics in regards to the NPO and TPF) but I will say that I am glad to say that the Karma war has ended and that I am enjoying the peace. At least until the next great war comes around. I wonder what will the next great war look like and what changes in the CN poltical climate will have caused it? I guess only time will tell.

As for my thoughts on the whole "lolpink" ordeals, my thoughts can be summed up in two words. "Seriously guys?!" Looking at the comments from both Ivan Moldavi and the leaders of RAD, both enjoyed causing a ruckus that brought them attention. As for the Internet Superheroes, I found their move to "tech raid" Crimson Guard dishonorable and I am glad that all those alliances posted their support for Crimson Guard. I never really looked favorably upon the Pink Sphere (and it is not because Pink has a "flaming gay stigma" attached to it) and those events certainly didn't help my opinion of them. Other than that, whatever. Let the alliances of the Pink sphere go around their businesses, I am just glad that A) PoF never joined the Pink sphere and B) That I am a member of an alliance that is part of the best and one of the most unified spheres on Planet Bob. :D



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