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Merry Christmas Everybody! :cheesygrin:

Darth Elecian



Wow, three months since I last posted my last blog entry. That is too be expected when you go on leave of absence for basic combat training. Man, that was most certainly an experience of a lifetime. Would it be something I would want to experience all over again? Of course not, then again I am pretty sure going onto the battlefield isn't something alot of people would want to do over and over again yet because of the US government needs (or whatever country the soldier may serve), they have to go. Just because I am in the national guard doesn't mean I won't be sent off too battle, It will mean I am less likely as they say that 50% of the national guard is deployed at a time. Either way, I don't think I will be sent off to war quite yet as A) I still have to finish AIT and B) The reason I stated above. Either way, hopefully that time will not come for awhile so that I am able to buy nukes for my nation and the Legion and so that I can see the Legion officially regain sanction.

During my 3 month LoA, I have missed many events and people/friends I know both within and outside my alliance come and go. For example, Moo stepping down from his throne due to delayed Pacifican tradition (aka the Karma war prevented him from stepping down) and appointing Cortath as the new Pacifican Emperor. That came as a surprise to me at first until one of my friends told me that. I was really pleased to hear that my alliance singed MDoAPs with IRON, NADC, and Invicta. I know for a fact that we at the Legion have been working for quite some time with IRON and Invicta after the karma war.

I was at least able to see my alliance sign MDoAPs with Quantum, a splinter alliance off of the Legion and BAPS. Things I wasn't pleased to see was several of my fellow Legionaires leave to go elsewhere, more of who joined Quantum. (Why Megamind and RyanM?! WHY DID YOU GUYS HAVE TO JOIN QUANTUM?! Damn poachers <_<:P ) Two of my real life friends, Lord Hextor and megametal26 left PoF over a disagreement with President MET to join Through Yggdrasil's roots. And of course, I was not pleased to see Van Hoo III return to CN and become the Emperor of Ragnarok while still hating Legion. As for the whole NSO vs Dark Fist debacle, we will have to wait and see how the pans out. Also, while the original \m/ may have died out in the Unjust war, I am not amused that some people would try to bring back such a terrible alliance. For once, I find myself agreeing with MKers on this issue. However, it does make me uncomfortable that this incarnation of \m/ signed treaties with alliances such as Poison Clan and Ragnarok. Yet I am not surprised as Ragnarok is said to be \m/ 2.0.

Enough of talk about where I have been and CN politics. I wish all of you that are paying any attention to my blog a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

PS: A special thanks to President MET of the Paladins of Freedom for taking care of my nation for me during my leave of absence,


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