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First Post of my new blog

Darth Elecian



I'm not new to the concept of blogging but I am wondering why the heck I didn't start this earlier. Anyways, for those random passerbyers that are taking a look at this you may be asking yourselves "Why am I doing this when every other insignificant Tom, Dick and Harry in CN is doing this already?" It is because I can and I feel like it. Since I am a fairly active CN player, I feel that I should be able to do this. This blog is going to be the place for me to post my thoughts on CN politics, stuff about whatever alliance I am part of at the time I post these blogs, and occasionally anything significant about RL. As I had said, I kindof wish I had started this earlier since I would've had a great time posting my thoughts on the Karma war. For those of you that do know me and are reading this, here's a shout out to you! :awesome:

Anyways, thats about it for my first blog entry. Note to self, create a new theme and a sig for your CN OWF blog/account.



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