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Log Dump from UJW Buildup

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Logs from Mediations

[17:29] <Not404Error> There's no face to be saved here. We're defending our allies. Nothing more.[17:29] <Not404Error> GGA $%&@ed up, not GOONS.[17:29] <ALdbeign> we do feel that the further attacks after we believed an agreement had been reached warrents repos to us[17:29] <ALdbeign> and no 404 we didnt $%&@ up...one member changed their AA[17:30] <ALdbeign> and are no longer in our alliance as a result[17:30] <Not404Error> Yeah, about that... you aren't getting reps of any sort.[17:30] <ALdbeign> well, we dont want reps for THAT[17:30] <ALdbeign> however[17:30] <Not404Error> It doesn't matter what you want reps for.[17:30] <Not404Error> There will be none sent to GGA.[17:30] <ALdbeign> a member of GOONS came and negotiated last night[17:30] <ALdbeign> im not demanding them[17:31] <ALdbeign> im putting card on the table[17:31] <Not404Error> And you didn't ask our Closet as to whether or not it was authorized; therefore it's hardly my problem.[17:31] <ALdbeign> well, we can take a different route then[17:31] <ALdbeign> are you saying you had no interest or plans to negotiate in any way?[17:32] <Not404Error> Hels let you off the hook without having to do anything. That's not how I play ball.[17:32] <Not404Error> There are consequences when you $%&@ up.[17:33] <ALdbeign> it would help if you answered the wuestion[17:33] <ALdbeign> *question[17:33] <ALdbeign> are you saying you had no interest or plans to negotiate in any way?[17:33] <Not404Error> It would help if you could read what I was saying.[17:34] <ALdbeign> [17:32] <Not404Error> Hels let you off the hook without having to do anything. That's not how I play ball.[17:34] <ALdbeign> [17:33] <Not404Error> There are consequences when you $%&@ up.
I'd be more than happy to send you the full 5+ hour logs, but I'm too lazy to edit it in any way to remove hostmasks to be eligible to be posted in it's entirety.
Session Start: Wed Sep 05 12:48:09 2007Session Ident: DerekJones[GGA][12:48] <Bilrow[GGA]> never give the ok to attack[12:48] <Bilrow[GGA]> that's a Triumvirate responsibility only[12:49] <DerekJones[GGA]> lol alright[12:49] <DerekJones[GGA]> I'll let them know[12:49] <DerekJones[GGA]> Should I tell the guys attacking to stand down?[12:50] <Bilrow[GGA]> yes[12:50] <DerekJones[GGA]> Alright[12:50] <Bilrow[GGA]> matter of fact Phenomenon's Aa right now says GGA in-game[12:50] <Bilrow[GGA]> Never never never never[12:50] <Bilrow[GGA]> give the ok to attack[12:51] <DerekJones[GGA]> Alright noted. I'll be sure to talk to you or another Triumvirate first before passing judgement if something like that happens again[12:55] <DerekJones[GGA]> Sorry about that btw[12:56] <Bilrow[GGA]> no problem
And GGA Triumvirate IRC Room Logs
Session Start: Thu Sep 06 10:39:58 2007Session Ident: #councilchamber[13:39] <ironchef> Good God this guy is a PITA[13:39] <ironchef> this is just a bitt of our convo so far[13:39] <ironchef> <ironchef> as to why his AA was at none I have no clue[13:39] <ironchef> <Sefrian[baps]> Your own member told me that when someone sets their AA to none in your alliance[13:39] <ironchef> <ironchef> but I will[13:39] <ironchef> <Sefrian[baps]> that is taken as a resignation[13:39] <ironchef> <ironchef> that is why we need to talk to him[13:39] <ironchef> <Sefrian[baps]> Yes but if you agree with what prodigal_mishief said[13:39] <ironchef> <Sefrian[baps]> Then he has left your alliance[13:40] <ironchef> <ironchef> and we are in the middle of making a decision on his membership. If we kick him I will let you know. But as of now he is a member of the GGA[13:40] <ironchef> <ironchef> when did you talk to prodigal_mishief?[13:40] <ironchef> <Sefrian[baps]> Yesterday[13:40] <ironchef> <Sefrian[baps]> I have all logs of the conversation[13:40] <ironchef> <ironchef> k[13:40] <ironchef> <ironchef> cool[13:40] <ironchef> <ironchef> did he say he was not a member and to attack as you would like[13:40] <ironchef> <ironchef> or did he say he would get back to you[13:40] <ironchef> <ironchef> because if he said he was no longer a member than you wouldn’t be having this discussion with me [13:40] <ironchef> <Sefrian[baps]> Basically what I want is reperations from that nation paid to my nation in the form of 3 million[13:40] <ironchef> <ironchef> did you tell this to prodigal_mishief?[13:40] <ironchef> <Sefrian[baps]> No[13:40] <ironchef> <Sefrian[baps]> He hasn't been active all day[13:41] <ironchef> I will put the logs in the CC[13:41] <Bilrow[GGA]> wassup[13:41] <Bilrow[GGA]> yeah[13:42] <Bilrow[GGA]> derek incorrectly told him yesterday[13:42] <Bilrow[GGA]> the guy is still a member[13:42] <Bilrow[GGA]> Derek now knows to refer all people to you or Triumvirate[13:42] <ironchef> but he would like his 3mill[13:42] <ironchef> LOL[13:43] <Bilrow[GGA]> not going to happen[13:43] <Bilrow[GGA]> he attacked our member[13:43] <ironchef> I did send a PM to our wayward son [13:43] <Bilrow[GGA]> I an talking to Sefrian now[13:44] <ironchef> phenomenon, if you would like to remain a member of the GGA I need you to except peace and report to the forum and PM me as soon as you check in. I would like to talk to you about why you had 'None' as your AA and then put it back to GGA after you got attacked.[13:45] <ironchef> I am as well[13:45] <ironchef> but I will let you take it[13:46] <ironchef> he has given me a migraine [13:47] <Bilrow[GGA]> what's the link to the guy who was attacked[13:48] <Bilrow[GGA]> what's the link to the guy who was attacked[14:37] <ironchef> http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_d...ation_ID=129806[14:37] <Bilrow[GGA]> http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=675[14:45] <ironchef> w00t w00t[14:45] <Bilrow[GGA]> ROFL[14:46] <ironchef> I would still like to spank that little !@#$ for his AA being None[14:46] <Bilrow[GGA]> I agree 200%[14:46] <Bilrow[GGA]> he won't get reps from them[14:46] <Bilrow[GGA]> or us[14:46] <Bilrow[GGA]> its his tough lugh[14:46] <Bilrow[GGA]> luck[14:47] <ironchef> yep[14:47] <ironchef> I will let you know if I get my PM from him[15:02] <Jonathan_Brookbank> ohshi-[15:02] <Jonathan_Brookbank> :(( GOONS :(([15:03] <Bilrow[GGA]> LOL[15:04] <Jonathan_Brookbank> Is 404 serious?[15:05] <Jonathan_Brookbank> I mean, come on...[15:05] <Jonathan_Brookbank> That's just retarded.[15:06] <Jonathan_Brookbank> Also, our member happens to be quite retarded as well.[15:07] * Jonathan_Brookbank is tempted to change his AA to none just to see if they would attack me[15:07] <Jonathan_Brookbank> :P[15:08] <Bilrow[GGA]> am I wrong in this situation?[15:08] <Bilrow[GGA]> i mean yes he doesn't deserve reps[15:09] <Bilrow[GGA]> or money[15:09] <Bilrow[GGA]> because he was a dumbass for changing his aa to none after Saturday's check and then back to GGA[15:09] <Jonathan_Brookbank> No, you aren't wrong at all.[15:09] <Jonathan_Brookbank> I would handle it the same way.[15:10] <Jonathan_Brookbank> He gets no reps for being a dumbass, but the BAPS guy who attacked him sure as hell doesn't get reps either.[15:15] <ALdbeign> umm[15:15] <ALdbeign> did i read the convo right...?[15:16] <ALdbeign> someone had a talk with Prodigal_Mischief about our policies?[15:16] <Bilrow[GGA]> Supposedly[15:16] <ALdbeign> umm the one in this room?[15:16] <Bilrow[GGA]> which is laughable[15:16] <Bilrow[GGA]> considering if you query him[15:16] <Bilrow[GGA]> it doesn't show up on the IRC client here on my desktop[15:17] <ALdbeign> that is laughable[15:17] <Jonathan_Brookbank> Ok, I'm glad they had a convo with a bot...[15:17] <Jonathan_Brookbank> Prodigal_Mischief, what did I tell you about discussing GGA policies?[15:17] <Jonathan_Brookbank> Refer it to the Triumvirate![15:17] <Jonathan_Brookbank> :P[15:17] <Bilrow[GGA]> shame on your PM[15:17] * Bilrow[GGA] sends PM to his room.[15:22] <Jonathan_Brookbank> Well, I commented in that lovely thread now.[15:25] <Jonathan_Brookbank> Curse my classes, I'd like to stick around and watch this.[15:25] <Bilrow[GGA]> Did you see RI's response[15:25] <Jonathan_Brookbank> Yeah.[15:25] <Bilrow[GGA]> That's funny[15:25] <Bilrow[GGA]> :)[15:25] <Jonathan_Brookbank> Ah well, I'll be back later, try to hold off any fireworks until later tonight.[15:25] <Jonathan_Brookbank> :P[15:26] <Bilrow[GGA]> If I should back down[15:26] <Bilrow[GGA]> tell me now[15:26] <Bilrow[GGA]> otherwise I'm not [15:26] <Jonathan_Brookbank> Hell no.[15:26] <Jonathan_Brookbank> I will NOT have my alliance extorted by the GOONS.[15:26] <Jonathan_Brookbank> They can go $%&@ a goose.[15:26] <Jonathan_Brookbank> >_>[15:27] <Prodigal_Mischief> Well, I had a long talk with them the other night and really they have a point.[15:27] <Bilrow[GGA]> IRON[15:28] <Bilrow[GGA]> Dark_Mistress thinks we should concede the point and just kick him out[15:28] <Bilrow[GGA]> or let him be harvested[15:28] <Bilrow[GGA]> PM its all your fault[15:28] <Bilrow[GGA]> talking on your own[15:28] <ALdbeign> actually, unless he has a damn good reason for changing his AA he should be kicked out[15:28] <Jonathan_Brookbank> Well, we're waiting for his reply.[15:29] <ALdbeign> but maybe AFTER you get goons to back off[15:29] <Bilrow[GGA]> :)[15:29] <Bilrow[GGA]> He had GGA as his AA on Saturday[15:29] <Jonathan_Brookbank> But we typically give them 48 hours to respond to any messages from us.[15:29] <Bilrow[GGA]> so some time between saturday and now[15:29] <Bilrow[GGA]> he's changed from GGA -> None -> GGA[15:29] <Bilrow[GGA]> maybe he made a mistake when he was changing his government[15:29] <Bilrow[GGA]> its all in the same Edit my Nation block[15:29] <Bilrow[GGA]> but he has broken no charter stipulation[15:30] <Bilrow[GGA]> I mean I could change my AA to none right now[15:30] <Jonathan_Brookbank> I'm very tempted to...[15:31] <Jonathan_Brookbank> I would if I wasn't going to class.[15:31] <Jonathan_Brookbank> I'll be back later to see the new stuff, though, hold down the fort until I get back.[17:00] <Bilrow[GGA]> Need bank nations in peace mode[17:00] <Bilrow[GGA]> AL[17:07] <Bilrow[GGA]> [17:06] <shan[iron]> it was made by "beareroftruth" and requested any alliances interested in war with UJP contact gga[17:07] <Bilrow[GGA]> [17:06] <Bilrow[GGA]> BoT is even at the new forums[17:07] <Bilrow[GGA]> [17:06] <James[iRON]> i saw that thread too[17:07] <Bilrow[GGA]> someone impersonated BoT[17:09] <ALdbeign> wow[17:09] <Bilrow[GGA]> NpO is going into Def Con 1[17:09] <Bilrow[GGA]> GOONS, MK and BAPS want to push this issue[17:09] <ALdbeign> okie im going now[17:09] <Bilrow[GGA]> GDA is going into Def Con 1[17:10] <Bilrow[GGA]> so is TSH[17:10] <ALdbeign> done[17:10] <Bilrow[GGA]> here's the break down[17:10] <Bilrow[GGA]> [16:52] <Bilrow[GGA]> Yesterday BAPS came in #GGA[17:10] <Bilrow[GGA]> [16:52] <electron_sponge> hehe[17:10] <Bilrow[GGA]> [16:52] <Bilrow[GGA]> asked if someone they had been attacking was really GGA[17:10] <Bilrow[GGA]> [16:52] <Bilrow[GGA]> our MoIA checked the roster and saw that he was on the roster[17:10] <Bilrow[GGA]> [16:52] <Bilrow[GGA]> but he told them he wasn't sure what we do since he had changed his AA for some reason to None since Saturday[17:10] <Bilrow[GGA]> [16:52] <Bilrow[GGA]> and then back to GGA[17:10] <Bilrow[GGA]> [16:52] <Bilrow[GGA]> and that he was going to message me[17:10] <Bilrow[GGA]> [16:53] <Bilrow[GGA]> he messaged me and I let him know the guy hadn't been expelled or resigned[17:10] <Bilrow[GGA]> [16:53] <Bilrow[GGA]> and as far as GGA Charter he was still a member..until we found out otherwise from him[17:11] <Bilrow[GGA]> [16:53] <Bilrow[GGA]> today BAPS come in #GGA and were told that[17:11] <Bilrow[GGA]> [16:53] <Bilrow[GGA]> they get Alastor of GOONS to get me in a IRC with him[17:11] <Bilrow[GGA]> [16:53] <Bilrow[GGA]> and tell me that they won't give peace unless the guy they attacked pays reps[17:11] <Bilrow[GGA]> [16:53] <Bilrow[GGA]> for defending himself[17:11] <Bilrow[GGA]> [16:54] <electron_sponge> extortion[17:11] <Bilrow[GGA]> [16:54] <Bilrow[GGA]> Yep[17:11] <Bilrow[GGA]> I even worked out with the individual nation who attacked our member[17:11] <Bilrow[GGA]> and their leadership GOONS/BAPS went behind and told him no not to give peace[17:18] <Bilrow[GGA]> NPO is pressuring GOONS hardcore to backdown[17:19] <Bilrow[GGA]> and showing their displeasure[17:49] <ironchef> if that little $%&@ tard doesn’t PM me I will send off all my tech and get low enough and attack him myself [17:49] <ironchef> I just got home and read the back logs[17:50] <ironchef> <ironchef> when did you talk to prodigal_mishief?[17:50] <ironchef> <Sefrian[baps]> Yesterday[17:50] <ironchef> <Sefrian[baps]> I have all logs of the conversation[17:51] <ironchef> I would like to see the logs [17:51] <ironchef> I think I will ask him for them[17:53] <Bilrow[GGA]> btw[17:53] <Bilrow[GGA]> AA switcher has switched his AA again[17:53] <Bilrow[GGA]> he's expelled[17:55] <Bilrow[GGA]> [17:55] <Bilrow[GGA]> Chess will be not be ZI'd by GOONS[17:55] <Bilrow[GGA]> [17:55] <Bilrow[GGA]> and Chess will not pay reps[17:56] <Bilrow[GGA]> they are wanting me to kick out Chess[17:56] <Bilrow[GGA]> because he defended himself when he got attacked[18:01] <ALdbeign> he switched it again?[18:03] <Bilrow[GGA]> yes and I kicked him[18:03] <Bilrow[GGA]> now GOONS is wanting those members they attacked who defended themself[18:03] <Bilrow[GGA]> to be kicked out[18:03] <Bilrow[GGA]> or reps paid[18:03] <Bilrow[GGA]> and GOONS attacked them first[18:03] <Bilrow[GGA]> one is Chess who is a long-term member and was our dMoDI[18:03] <Bilrow[GGA]> It would not be right to expell him for following orders[18:04] <Bilrow[GGA]> and defending himself[18:04] <ALdbeign> yup[18:04] <Bilrow[GGA]> Please tell me I am wrong in this[18:04] <Bilrow[GGA]> I sooo want to be wrong in this [18:04] <Bilrow[GGA]> so this can just end[18:04] <ALdbeign> chess has been around long enough even i know the name[18:04] <Bilrow[GGA]> >_<[18:04] <ALdbeign> the new forum wont let me register lol[18:05] <Bilrow[GGA]> They are playing semantics saying they declared first....[18:05] <ALdbeign> w/e[18:05] <Bilrow[GGA]> but he attacked first[18:05] <Bilrow[GGA]> Orders have been given for all GGA members attacked by GOONS to offer peace and stand down as it is[18:05] <ALdbeign> just tell them they got the moron and to quit while they're ahead[18:05] <ALdbeign> but pretty it up[18:05] <ALdbeign> call it your comprimise to make peace[18:06] <ALdbeign> and now you expect them to compromise as well[18:06] <ALdbeign> if you havent already said something different i mean[18:06] <Bilrow[GGA]> I have tried[18:06] <Bilrow[GGA]> they are using lines like[18:06] <Bilrow[GGA]> [17:54] <Bilrow[GGA]> he was attacked first and did what he is trained to do[18:06] <Bilrow[GGA]> [17:55] <Bilrow[GGA]> Chess will be not be ZI'd by GOONS[18:06] <Bilrow[GGA]> [17:55] <Bilrow[GGA]> and Chess will not pay reps[18:06] <Bilrow[GGA]> [17:55] <BelAir> <BelAir> what exactly do you intend to do about it[18:06] <Bilrow[GGA]> [17:56] <Bilrow[GGA]> Defend my member[18:06] <Bilrow[GGA]> [17:56] <BelAir> So you'll declare war on GOONS?[18:06] <Bilrow[GGA]> trying to goad me into saying I declare on GOONS[18:07] <Bilrow[GGA]> 17:58] <BelAir> this is official business btw[18:07] <Bilrow[GGA]> [17:58] <BelAir> closing off negotiations will be seen as a hostile act[18:07] <ALdbeign> meh where is this convo?[18:07] <Bilrow[GGA]> in query[18:07] <ALdbeign> ahh[18:07] <Bilrow[GGA]> NPO is trying hard to calm this[18:07] <Bilrow[GGA]> Bakunin is talking to main GOONS leadership[18:07] <Bilrow[GGA]> supposedly BelAir was sent to me to talk about reps and kicking out Chess[18:07] <ALdbeign> their being asshats[18:07] <Bilrow[GGA]> Yes[18:07] <Bilrow[GGA]> NpO, TSH, GDA are all at Def Con 1[18:07] <ALdbeign> but there goons what can you expect[18:08] <Bilrow[GGA]> I can't stand them[18:08] <Bilrow[GGA]> but I can not in my right mind give Chess over to them[18:08] <Bilrow[GGA]> I would be doing so wrong in that[18:08] <ALdbeign> they were the main reason i didnt like the iniative idea[18:08] <ALdbeign> damn straight[18:09] <Bilrow[GGA]> I would just have to quit CN if I gave over Chess when he did nothing wrong[18:09] <Bilrow[GGA]> i mean that's just incomprehensible to me[18:09] <ALdbeign> we arent giving him over[18:09] <ALdbeign> so...since thats not an option what to do next[18:10] <Bilrow[GGA]> get into defensive mode[18:10] <ALdbeign> tell whats his name you arent closing diplomatic ties but your turning him over to me :P[18:10] <Bilrow[GGA]> and hope NPO can pressure them into doing the right thing[18:10] <Bilrow[GGA]> NPO is pushing really really hard right now pressuring GOONS[18:34] <Bilrow[GGA]> [18:30] <Bakunin> [17:30] <Not404Error> I'm looking at an intial estimate of $60mil (re: reps)[18:34] <Bilrow[GGA]> He's getting a Kiss my $@! statement in 3 seconds[18:35] <ALdbeign> 60mil?[18:35] <ALdbeign> what is he freaking nuts?[18:35] <ALdbeign> what was the NS of these ppl?[18:35] <Bilrow[GGA]> we are discussing that now[18:35] <Bilrow[GGA]> 8000-11000NS[18:36] <ALdbeign> meh[18:36] <Lester[GGA]> who is Not404Error?[18:36] <Bilrow[GGA]> ES is all over NPO on that right now[18:36] <Bilrow[GGA]> 404 error[18:36] <Bilrow[GGA]> leader of GOONS[18:36] <ALdbeign> ill send him a dollar when i come out of peace mode ok?[18:36] <ALdbeign> and i expect 50 tech as change [18:37] <Lester[GGA]> should I be bloating up my nation in antisipation of some fun?[18:37] <Lester[GGA]> :P
And More Logs
Session Start: Thu Sep 06 14:27:29 2007Session Ident: electron_sponge[14:27] <Bilrow[GGA]> http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=675[16:51] <electron_sponge> Jesus Herbert Walker Christ, what happened? lol[16:51] <Bilrow[GGA]> I am so mad i can't even see straight :P[16:52] <electron_sponge> have a drink, bud[16:52] <Bilrow[GGA]> Yesterday BAPS came in #GGA[16:52] <electron_sponge> hehe[16:52] <Bilrow[GGA]> asked if someone they had been attacking was really GGA[16:52] <Bilrow[GGA]> our MoIA checked the roster and saw that he was on the roster[16:52] <Bilrow[GGA]> but he told them he wasn't sure what we do since he had changed his AA for some reason to None since Saturday[16:52] <Bilrow[GGA]> and then back to GGA[16:52] <Bilrow[GGA]> and that he was going to message me[16:53] <Bilrow[GGA]> he messaged me and I let him know the guy hadn't been expelled or resigned[16:53] <Bilrow[GGA]> and as far as GGA Charter he was still a member..until we found out otherwise from him[16:53] <Bilrow[GGA]> today BAPS come in #GGA and were told that[16:53] <Bilrow[GGA]> they get Alastor of GOONS to get me in a IRC with him[16:53] <Bilrow[GGA]> and tell me that they won't give peace unless the guy they attacked pays reps[16:53] <Bilrow[GGA]> for defending himself[16:54] <electron_sponge> extortion[16:54] <Bilrow[GGA]> Yep[16:54] <electron_sponge> $%&@ them and the horse they rode in on then[16:54] <Bilrow[GGA]> And then GOONS did the same saying they only declared on the GGA members attacking the BAPS rogue[16:54] <electron_sponge> if they want a war we'll give them all they can handle and then some[16:54] <Bilrow[GGA]> amd I wrong on this?[16:54] <Bilrow[GGA]> I mean Jonathan said I wasn't[16:54] <electron_sponge> no, I don't believe so[16:54] <Bilrow[GGA]> IRON seems kinda on the fence about it[16:55] <electron_sponge> once GGA says "he's ours" people should back off and play nice[16:55] <Bilrow[GGA]> but even GOONS declaring on a GGA member and then saying that its NOT an attack[16:55] <electron_sponge> the fact they aren't tells me they're spoiling for war[16:55] <Bilrow[GGA]> but that we attacked first since our guy defended himsef[16:55] <Bilrow[GGA]> >_<[16:56] <Bilrow[GGA]> I mean I would never tell a member if they got declared on they couldn't defend themself[16:56] <Bilrow[GGA]> and the crux of the matter[16:56] <Bilrow[GGA]> I worked out diplomatically with the individual nation[16:56] <Bilrow[GGA]> BAPS/GOONS Leadership told him no he couldn't offer peace[16:56] <Bilrow[GGA]> after all this started[16:56] <Bilrow[GGA]> I went around their leadership[16:57] <electron_sponge> I hear that jski is going around asking for help in a war against you[16:57] <electron_sponge> he's asked Polar already[16:57] <Bilrow[GGA]> [16:34] <jski> So[16:57] <Bilrow[GGA]> [16:34] <jski> Are we going to war over this?[16:57] <Bilrow[GGA]> [16:36] <Bilrow[GGA]> I hope not[16:57] <Bilrow[GGA]> [16:36] <Bilrow[GGA]> it seems that's what they want[16:57] <Bilrow[GGA]> [16:36] <jski> Well, what are we gonna do to avoid this?[16:57] <Bilrow[GGA]> [16:39] <Bilrow[GGA]> no idea[16:57] <Bilrow[GGA]> that's his message to me[16:57] <electron_sponge> heh[16:57] <electron_sponge> rally the troops.[17:20] <Bilrow[GGA]> Dont sound so hopeful :P[17:20] <electron_sponge> dude I don't want a war[17:20] <Bilrow[GGA]> I really don't war right now I'm not ready[19:12] <Bilrow[GGA]> ODN's been given a heads up[19:13] <electron_sponge> good[19:13] <electron_sponge> was just about to do that[19:13] <Bilrow[GGA]> I am hitting all diplomatic channels[19:13] <electron_sponge> I don't know whether they have the political will[19:14] <electron_sponge> this is your show if it pops off
And more
Session Start: Thu Sep 06 13:42:49 2007Session Ident: Sefrian[baps][13:42] <Bilrow[GGA]> Hey[13:43] <Bilrow[GGA]> The guy who told you yesterday was incorrect in the information he gave you[13:43] <Sefrian[baps]> Hi there[13:43] <Bilrow[GGA]> The guy is still on on roster [13:43] <Bilrow[GGA]> and is still considered a member[13:43] <Sefrian[baps]> Ok but I was told by prodigal_mischief that if someone changes their AA they resign[13:44] <Sefrian[baps]> and now you tell me thats incorrect?[13:44] <Bilrow[GGA]> Prodigal_Mischief is a bot[13:44] <Bilrow[GGA]> so there;s no way he could have tol,d[13:44] <Bilrow[GGA]> told you[13:44] <Bilrow[GGA]> Derek Jones told you[13:44] <Sefrian[baps]> I have logs of the conversation[13:44] <Bilrow[GGA]> and once he told me the conversation I told him to get back with you and correct it[13:44] <Bilrow[GGA]> Derek was wrong[13:44] <Bilrow[GGA]> Derek is not even a Triumvirate of the alliance[13:45] <Bilrow[GGA]> You need to stand down and offer reps to our member you attacked.[13:45] <Sefrian[baps]> He told me he was the person in charge of recruits[13:45] <Bilrow[GGA]> He processes the background checks for applications yes.[13:45] <Bilrow[GGA]> I handle the roster.[13:45] <Bilrow[GGA]> And am a higher rank than him.[13:45] <Sefrian[baps]> Is there any chance we can talk or synirc[13:45] <Bilrow[GGA]> why?[13:46] <Bilrow[GGA]> what's wrong with esper?[13:46] <Bilrow[GGA]> I expect you to offer reps to the GGA member and stand down immediaely.[13:46] <Sefrian[baps]> I need to leave promptly and the man taking over is on syn[13:46] <Sefrian[baps]> and can't leave[13:46] <Bilrow[GGA]> There is no discussion on this[13:46] <Bilrow[GGA]> the guy is a GGA member[13:46] <Bilrow[GGA]> he's on the roster and has not left or been expelled from the alliance.[13:47] <Bilrow[GGA]> If reps aren't paid and peace given the nation attacking our member will be attacked[13:48] <Sefrian[baps]> Please join #ggps[13:49] <Bilrow[GGA]> I'm thereSession Close: Thu Sep 06 13:51:52 2007
And More
Session Start: Thu Sep 06 13:48:34 2007Session Ident: #ggps[13:48] * Now talking in #ggps[13:48] <Bilrow[GGA]> Hello[13:49] * Alastor sets mode: +o Bilrow[GGA][13:49] * Alastor sets mode: +o Bilrow[GGA][13:49] <Alastor> Greets, gents.[13:49] <Bilrow[GGA]> What seems to be the confusion..a GGA member was attacked[13:49] <Alastor> Bilrow, I'm not sure you recall but we've spoken before. Thanks for taking some time to do so again.[13:49] <Bilrow[GGA]> and those attacks need to be ceased immediately[13:49] <Bilrow[GGA]> with reps paid[13:49] <Alastor> He wasn't flying your AA at the time. He was unaligned technically, and then retaliated on the raid.[13:49] <Bilrow[GGA]> I don't care[13:49] <Alastor> Had he just sent a note, BAPS would have backed off.[13:49] <Bilrow[GGA]> he's listed on the GGA roster[13:50] <Alastor> Had he had the AA, he wouldn't have been attacked.[13:50] <Bilrow[GGA]> and is protected under our AA[13:50] <Alastor> It's not our job to read your rosters that we cannot see. That's spying.[13:50] <Bilrow[GGA]> Reps in 24 hours or his attackers wil be attacked[13:50] <Bilrow[GGA]> period[13:50] <Alastor> Nail my protectorate and see what happens.[13:50] <Bilrow[GGA]> there is no discussion or leeway in this[13:50] <Bilrow[GGA]> you attacked a GGA member[13:50] <Alastor> Okay. See you tomorrow.[13:50] <Bilrow[GGA]> fine[13:50] * You were kicked by Alastor (Alastor)
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