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kobiashiy - The next struggle in the CN "Karma Crusade"?

Tron Paul



We saw it with GOONS, \m/, Gen[M]ay, and the rest of the Unjust Path. A majority of Cyber Nations stood up and declared to these alliances that tech raiding was an evil. A majority of Cyber Nations stood up and declared that alliances [and nations] should be free to play a peaceful game. It was a decision that sprang infamous consequence.

Following the post-UJW surge in protectorate agreements and the post-Moldavi doctrine surge in micro alliances, the game is beginning to polarize. The growth in DoE's has been countered by displeasure in some realms of the global community. Alliances like my own have become notorious for earning accusations of inflammatory activities, nit-picking at every declaration and arguing endlessly. Alliances like our treaty partners Poison Clan remain staunch proponents of war. Others go to equally extreme measures to protect young alliances, defending their DoE's and looking out for them despite a lack of treaty ties. If polled, both sides would say that they wouldn't mind the destruction of the other side.

While some look at the future to be a battle of Karma v Hegemony, I see a different struggle. For the first time since the Unjust War, the battle between "have-fun tech raiders" and "nation protectors" is approaching a climax. The next Unjust War could be sparked at any moment.

Is kobiashy the spark? Are we looking at another BOTS?

kobiashy, an alliance hopper, is generally disliked among the global community. His DoE threads are prone to excessive trolling, and seems to be viewed in the manner of Mogar [firsts & amsgs] and AUT [polls].

When one of my alliance leaders, Sakura, attacked kobiashy, my alliance got a good chuckle. 51% of 185 votes in this thread seem to indicate that a hefty chunk of CN got a good chuckle. However, several figures from alliances unaffiliated with kobiashiy and his recent project have loudly supported him. While GDA has no written treaty announced, tensions continue to mount.

Will a humorous attack spark the next Unjust War? I guess we'll find out soon.



Recommended Comments

Meh. I think "land raid, fight back = nuke" is a pretty low move. I'm not a fan of the IS welcome wagon. I strongly dislike tech raiding in general.

I guess that puts me on the opposite side of you in the "if polled, both sides would say that they wouldn't mind the destruction of the other side," but it's not true. I haven't forgotten that I once shared an alliance with yourself and many others in your alliance. I don't like some of the things you do, nor some of your allies, and your collective forum conduct is incongruent with my own style, but I still count you among my friends and I'm not prepared to see that eroded by a handful of political differences.

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