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Pee Pee Dance




I'm always hunting ways to supplement my income and ways to become rich without much work. This quest has just barely kept me from the hangman's noose. However I think I have stumbled on a risk- free method to achieve riches beyond belief.

In my vast excursions on the web, I noticed that the "pee pee dance" was not owned by anyone. So, after brief skill training in choreographic notation and notating it and taking out the copyright, I am sole proprietor of the dance.

Thus, I am using this public venue to issue a "cease and desist order". You or your family are no longer able to perform this intellectual property without paying me a royalty fee. If I see or agents appointed by me see its performance without the royalty fee having been paid,we will "impeed" your progress to the restroom.

Many of you are now thinking, I will just disguise it as the funky chicken or some other dance. I will remind you that intellectual property even includes any innovation.



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