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It Never Ends




Walked around the tunnels today, lots of new drones around. Most of them heard that there were a few like me around and had to see for themselves. It's always the way, if you can't get to the queen, come see one of us. Sure I can shake my thorax with the best of them, and my abdomen is always shapely, but of course it's the queen who gets most of the attention, little witch that she is.

Found a nice puddle of sweet stuff today, must have been sitting out for a while because my head was spinning after a few sips. Gotta love it when that happens. I think I may have hit on #1677 but he was probably too busy to notice...at least, I hope he was.

Heard the entire top of the nest got blown off. Tragic really, but glad I wasn't there to see it. Rebuilding is going to suck though. Wish we got sick days around here.

Tomorrow's another day, maybe it'll be better.



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