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Oblivious Membership




In TSO's DoE, I stated the following and I wanted to expand on this without IC impediments.

TSO is a purposeful and poised effort to give its members a focused and disciplined alliance full of dedication: Dedication to eachother and dedication to a mutual vision.

NADC was my first and only home. I was very dedicated to NADC and I genuinely hope that I gave back a portion of what NADC gave to me. However, my dedication could not outshine some of the frustrations I had. Inactivity and lack of discipline among member nations was a pandemic for NADC. Part of the problem was the way we defined ourselves - we were more of a social alliance, loosely knit by an affiliation. We were a mile wide, but an inch deep. Secretary General Ruggerdawg is in the process of enacting a plan to change the way NADC views itself and I was proud to support him in that effort. However, such a systemic change of values and philosophies would have taken months. I did not feel I could invest another several months.

Instead, I chose to move to an alliance that valued a deeper dedication. I chose TSO. Any large alliance is going to have the same problems as NADC. Planet Bob seems to promote quantity over quality. In choosing TSO, I choose quality. TSO is not about anger, internal MCXA strife or any of the other accusations. TSO is all about a better quality alliance experience for those who value potency over pixels.

Some have called us elite. If we are elite, we are elite in our dedication, not in our exclusivity.

Here is a quick tl;dr - If an alliance is merely playing for sanction, a lot of members (ghosts or otherwise) are necessary. Playing for a high score is basically attempting to expand and grow an AA. TSO is not interested in that. In order to achieve sanction, inactivity and lack of growth have to be tolerated.

As NADC found out during the BLEU War, inactivity and a lack of discipline kills an alliance. Sure, we were sanctioned. We also had 800 members. Just a few days of attacks and that was all over.

I 'm glad to be a part of TSO that will not make that same mistake. Dedicated, disciplined, and focused gameplay are found at TSO and I am glad for it.



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I know the TSO isn't small strength-wise and others have said many things concerning the TSO, but good luck with your new alliance. I hope you have fun. That's always important (well, for me at least). :D

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I think I understand some of the reasons for creating an alliance like TSO. A lot of us in the last days of Genmay had similar ideas of creating a smaller, more dedicated alliance and we were able to act on that once Genmay disbanded without a big outcry. While I can definitely sympathize with those left in MCXA, I think if I had been a member there I would have probably gone to TSO just so I could be part of an alliance I would be able to know I can count on completely.

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