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Producerism: A primer for new nations

The Zigur







For new nations in today's world, it is sometimes difficult to make heads or tails of being a nation-ruler. Being bombarded by dozens of recruitment messages, it is very easy to make an uninformed decision which can lead to disastrous consequences for your nation. These consequences can range from being dragged into meaningless wars, to going without strong nations to protect you in the <10,000 NS range, to unknowingly being exploited as a tech slave.


Producerism as an ideology is largely concerned with the welfare of new nations that might otherwise be driven from this world in despair, unaware of the rights they should be enjoying. These rights include the following:


  1. The right to be adequately compensated for tech production
  2. The right to peace and security against foreign aggression
  3. The right to be fully educated about the history of societal development in Cybernations
  4. The right to pursue one's full potential as a nation ruler in an alliance


To ensure these rights are protected, Producerism proposes the following responsibilities for alliances that recruit new nations:


  1. That the alliance outlaw the exploitation of tech producers
  2. That the alliance focus on a military-first policy and protect new nations
  3. That the alliance leadership promote classical and contemporary works on CN's societal development
  4. That the alliance raise members above the state of nature to pursue a full range of civilized development


These rights should be pursued by nations of all alliances, regardless of color team, size, or stage of societal development. While the development (and degeneration) of every alliance is a historical process, through education, any active nation may achieve full productive consciousness and promote the societal development of his or her alliance internally. The informed alliance member becomes the vessel for change that pushes the alliance towards the full development of autocratic democracy.


Autocratic democracy is a system of government in which the revolutionary leader channels the collective will of his comrades within the alliance, and propels the now-united membership towards the final stage of societal development. This has historically occurred during times of great upheaval within an alliance, such as under the pressure of a war of extermination by foreign invaders. This final stage of development transcends the internal disunity and chaos which held back the potential of the alliance and its members in the past.


Thus freed from the state of nature, the alliance can now act in the comprehensive interests of all of its membership, not a handful of plutocratic nations and foreigners who have manipulated policy in the past.


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Nationalism and producer-ism are the enemy of nations. When one is adopted and accepts themselves as part of a whole, every victory is yours.. even those that are not your own. To new nations, my advice would be this.. find people you trust, and specialize your roles. Only then will you excel on this world. 

Also, hello Zigur.

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