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Video Software Experiment and Worlds First Motor




Edit: Not nearly as exciting as the title makes it sound. Ha.

I did this today. Sort of test run for some future artistic video stuff.

It took far longer to make the video, including the "soundtrack" I cobbled together than it did the silly "motor." And the video quality is what you would expect from a phone that is essentially a brick with a gerbil in it.

Turns out window's Movie Maker doesn't import mp4s, had to convert it, VLC Viewer kept crashing on the convert, got some crappy probably spamware infested thing that converted it but without audio. Got an online wav audio conversion from the original mp4. Both microphone and keyboard have been long loaned out, so I downloaded the Audicity program, but it didn't come with any pre-made beats. Anything else I found sounded silly and too ramped up for an anti-climatic 20 second clip, so I pretty much made the music with wave form tones chopped and FXed into techno. Made the intro screen in photoshop, Youtube turned it all into crap for me.

When getting the text-to-speech thing online, there was an option to speak it in the "Scottish" voice. How hilarious, I couldn't pass that up.

Shoo, too much work. But now I have the know-how, and have some neat ideas in store.

Also, first video ever uploaded to Youtube.




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Ha ha, thanks!

An interesting side note, after fiddling with the copper wire for half and hour and discarding the first one for being too short, I almost gave up, thinking the clip I saw was some sort of hoax, or I was just an idiot (both are equally likely on any given day). I gave it one last adjustment by pulling the wires closer to the magnet and the damn thing surprised me when it almost took off. When I went to pick it up, the top was so hot I dropped it. Science.

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