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Seek and ye shall find.

I sought, and I found. My only regret is not having started earlier,

but every operator must first be immersed in the despair, driven to the

point of breaking, like a piece of work upon the anvil of life that must

be struck again and again by the hammer of reality until its shape is

bent into usefulness, only until one has been dunked and emerged from

difficulty, can they begin to realize that life is a strategy to be

devised, a one shot experience, a turbulent sea that must be navigated,

and the brief periods of respite greatly cherished. On which the

conscious obsesses, the subconscious creates.


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आग में तप कर ही सोना निखरता है, उसी तरह इंसान मुश्किलों से लड़कर ही आगे बढ़ता है.

- Like gold attains its perfection only after going through the furnace, man advances and attains worthwhile goals only after facing adversities.

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