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BobBound 1.1




>View contact list

You fiddle with your radio. Eventually, it brings up a list of other folk on the network. The new system and UI is so much worse than Serious Business. Them's the breaks, you guess. Some dames just don't appreciate a little class and style.



JN user-online.png

HB user-online.png

CD user-online.png

GG user-online.png

AC user-online.png

CC user-online.png

SG user-online.png


)(IC user-offline.png


This is horrible. There are sparkles all over the screen. And cigars. And some human doing a strange dance. You cannot believe that She would stoop to such levels of

depravity. You've also picked up a couple of unfamiliar accounts, lacking the usual regimen of Carapacian user handles. It seems like they might be related to those folk she was talking about.

>Do a silly dance

Hell no. You do not dance.

. Unlike one of your comrades, who is far too fond of gleeful activities of such a nature. Besides, dancing music has never been your thing and you'd rather leave such activities to those that do take some measure of pleasure in it, rather than pain yourself for someone elses' amusement.

You scroll through the contact list. Surely talking to one of them will be more worthwhile.

((This mini-update is based on offsite submissions. Want CN to have an impact on the plot? Y'all got until the 13th to shape how events unfold. Get cracking, y'all))



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