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Stone Imperial Russian Stout




Stone Imperial Russian Stout


Beer pours black with a deep tan head of foam.


Cocoa and coffee flavors dominate, along with some fruity fermentation esters and some yeasty breadiness.


Again, the beer is mostly about roasted malts. Bittersweet cocoa and coffee flavors are the major players, along with fruitiness, hints of anise, and yeastiness, followed by a smooth, balanced, not sweet finish.


This beer is very full bodied, and very smooth!


Release Date:April 16th, 2012

First Release Date: July 2000

Hop Variety: Warrior


ALC/VOL 10.5%, 65 IBUs



Recommended Comments

If it matches or comes close to a Dublin Draught poured Guinness I will be surprised.

What is your local Guinness like? as it can be different to each country, even the UK's closest Sea port to Dublin(Holyhead)has a different style(less thick).

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The best imperial stout I've had was Old Rasputin, that was awesome, but Stone is pretty close. As for Guinness, personally, I think it's over-rated. Some people swear by it, drink it every day. Don't get me wrong, it's a good drink and I've enjoyed plenty, often the best you can get in some limited selection bars, but I've found plenty better since I started trying micro-brews and other foreign beers. Here in the US it also has less abv, surprisingly, than our domestics. Great body, though.

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After major surgery on my bowels in which I needed a Blood Transfusion.I cut out cheap Lagers and Ciders and became a consumer of Real ales and especially Guinness because of it's Iron content.

Guinness is like soup in Dublin,but is thinner in Britain.

But they now have introduced a gadget that pierces 1 can and introduces gas to give it a a thicker consistency I cannot see this catching on at busy establishments

The only way I know of checking if it's kept right from a Pump in a Pub, is the colour of the head the Whiter the better and do not touch a Yellow head.

Beamish and Murphy's are nice these were a lot less tangy/Bitter but have disappeared from a lot of Pubs largely due to Guinness aggressive marketing.People will not ask for a Stout anymore and just refer to it as Guinness.

Try the Export bottled version around 7.5%. I believe this popular in Jamaica and Nigeria,it has a thinner consistency,more like an Ale but a stronger taste.

Lets have a Beer Alliance or Thread where we can,compare,advise,and recommend good Beer from around the World so we can get people drinking proper Beer which is fine in moderation and hopefully they can replace the nasty, Same tasting mass produced crap sold everywhere( I do not include Guinness as one as it's taste is why it so popular and has not changed for a Mass market).

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