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Creating a New Economic Paradigm




Jeremy Rifkin, author and president at the Foundation on Economic Trends delivered an insightful talk about our economic and environmental future and what he calls, the Third Industrial Revolution.


This blew my mind. A paradigm shifting presentation. This is the future.

I strongly recommend you to take the next 50 minutes to watch this, it is the most profound and exciting look at what is already happening in the EU, and what may come in the US, if we push our political system to make it happen.



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Any tl;dr for those of us who don't have time to watch it yet? All I'm getting from your post is "FUTURE SOON" and a vague reference to what could be referred to as another industrial revolution, and I don't have time to watch the video at the moment.

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If it means I have to eat sprouts and destroy the AC to avoid the Killer Warming then I'll pass. Is it something different? Perhaps a Post-Malthusian something? Oceans with no fish, fish with no ocean, sprout shortages, no dancing, no cards and a general lack of any slack or fat then count me out.

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Pretty much the gist is creating all new buildings, and retrofitting old ones, so that they capture the wind, solar, and waste recycling energies and store them in hydrogen batteries, to not only make the buildings self-sufficient, but to link them to a continental smart electrical grid that sells the excess electricity under conditions you set.

The rest of it is pretty interesting too, about oil reserves, and effects of global warming on the atmosphere, and how changes in technology affects the mind's quality of consciousness.

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Interesting so far (I am about halfway through). But none of it is really that surprising. Innovators will innovate. Decentralization will work once the market demands it.

Edit: Interesting at about 30 mins it that it looks like the future is with widely distributed property ownership, yay distributism.

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THat's why it's called a paradigm shift! :)<div><br></div><div>This is a really powerful presentation, if for no reason other than it challenges us to truly think differently about the possible third industrial revolution. I watched it, and then watched it again. I think it has a ton of merit. It should be given serious consideration. Thanks for the link.</div>

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