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Hamilton Signs with Angels, 5 Years/$125 Million

Tom Marvolo Riddle



Reports that came out of LA at 2:30 PM today are indeed true. Josh Hamilton, who had 43 HR last year,has signed with the LA Angels, adding to that very powerful lineup. Initial reports are that the deal is for $125 million but might actually be higher.

Hamilton joins Albert Pujols and Mike Trout in LA. The Angels should get a huge amount of HR, most likely will lead the league and might even break the record for most HR in a season by a team.




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On paper, an excellent addition to a very good team.

As lomg as he doesn't fall off the wagon.

Exactly. But the problem that could also happen is they hit a bunch of HR but then can't hit in other aspects. That would be my biggest fear as a Angels fan. Not a hgue worry, they might have a lot of close games so there Bullpen will also have to pick u some of the slack.

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