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Welcome all to my new blog.

I hope you will enjoy it. I will be using my blog to write about CN economics, so you will regularly find information here in my blog that will help you improve your nation's economy. I will try to post at least weekly, but hopefully more often. Each blog entry will go over 1 single topic. If you have any requests for topics, please let me know and I'll try to accommodate the most requested topics.

You'll probably wonder why you should listen to my advice? Well... I would wonder that too if I were in your shoes. You don't have to listen to me at all and take my advice to improve your nation, however if you do I can tell you that I've been studying the game economics for as long as my nation exists. When I started with CN I started in a small alliance called FOK (when I joined they were approximately 1.5M NS (using the current NS calculations, with the old calculation they were about 700k NS larger)). After about 2,5 months I was appointed as Minister of Economic Affairs, a position I held for just over 9 monhts. In that time FOK grew from 2.2M NS to approximately 6M NS in strength. This growth was due to the economic programs of the alliance (some of which had started before I became MoEA) as well as the great support from several of FOK's closest allies (TOP and The Grämlins) that helped put these economic programs into place.

After these 9 months serving as MoEA I was then elected President of FOK. During the first few weeks of my presidency FOK achieved what we'd been working towards for over a year, a sanction spot. FOK has been a sanctioned alliance ever since. After my 3 months of presidency ended I decided not to run for office again, so I returned to be a regular member. Several weeks later I decided to leave FOK and join The Grämlins, one of the best economically savvy alliances in the game to learn even more about the game economics.

Since I joined The Grämlins I have had more time to work on some of the plans I had to help people work on their nation's economy. The fruition of this can be found in a collection of utilities that will help you make good choices for your nation. You can find those utilities here.

So after all this, it's up to you to decide if you want to use the information I'll be discussing in my blog. If you do use it I hope it will bring prosperity to your nation.

En Taro Adun!



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