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Viral Music?

Alfred von Tirpitz



Last month i was traveling, a long long long road trip.

About halfway through the trip, the car radio started picking up a particular song on the FM stations from the cities we passed. It is a rather catchy song and soon the four of us were humming along. Nothing special so far, right?

This was of course in India, for that is where i live. The first time we heard this song was in the state of Maharashtra. It is a predominantly Marathi speaking state. Those that know India will know that once you cross state borders within India, the languages change. Almost each state [except the cow belt] has its own language and a !@#$ton of dialects therein. Now the song which we are talking about was from a Tamil Movie. Tamil being the language of Tamilnadu, a state at the very south of India. Half a nation away.

All the states we passed, the song followed us on the music radio stations. And yes it had become a pan India Hit.

That is nice and all and yeah its a good catchy song.

Today morning i got a mail from one of the Dutch friends i made on CN, who has since stopped playing. And he linked me to the same song on Youtube. I opened up facebook, and saw some americans linking the song on youtube. Then Brazilians. Almost made me spit out my coffee.

I guess all it takes to be hit singer with a rapidly growing youtube hit count is a sense of "LOL"



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