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...Move on to where, to what? Those are the obvious questions. On to a world where a man can speak his mind without having to fear for his livelihood. On to a world where honest and frank discussion is treasured rather than trashed. On to a world where basic political opposition is not considered the most damnable of crimes, and where "security" is not held above humanity. On to a world where the future is uncertain but bright, where no single power operates unchecked. On to a world we have sweat blood to forge.

When Vox Populi set upon the road that has led us to this point we had no knowledge of what lay ahead, how long the journey would be, or what would be required of us. We have been pleasantly surprised at our good fortune many times and I can say plainly that we did not expect to have come so far, so soon. The world we left behind was one of pure fear; the deafening silence we have broken was enough to inspire madness. The voices of all who have suffered tyranny can and have now cried out their righteous fury. Those responsible for so many sufferings have been or are being brought to justice: perhaps not exactly as we might have hoped, but we will not fuss.


To the world at large, we give warning. This is not the end of the struggle, for the struggle which Vox Populi has embraced is unending. It is a struggle against those who would take what is not theirs, those who would take advantage of all situations, those who seek nothing but personal gain without heed to the needs, thoughts, feelings, and well-being of others. It is a struggle against the purest form of practicality and pragmatism, which drives man to covet without any attention to morality, justice, or fairness. It is a struggle that shall end only when our kind are wiped from the planet for it is something we are all capable of.

And that is our warning. Do not relax your guard against this mentality. Do not dismiss the possibility of its creeping up and overtaking yourself or those close to you. To fall victim to the idea that the ends always justify the means where the means is your own self-promotion is something that comes easy and silently, but seldom can be snuffed out. Maintain your watch, keep in check those of this mindset, and prepare yourself always for a time when we must again take arms against such a threat -- for that is what it is. It is a threat to all of us, each and every one, and wherever this philosophy takes root so takes root a danger for all that we hold dear, in our own ways, to be cast down at our feet.

This victory is not permanent, and those who fight not would do well to keep that in mind. Divisions are unavoidable, but remember that we are only as strong united as we are weak divided. Do not again allow ambitious powers to slowly pick off opposition, one-by-one, and hoodwink you into conceding. Stand your ground always, tall and true to your ideals. Never, ever, ever give in, for as long as there is one other by your side you shall have purpose. Remember always when you took on the forces of oppression and let the strength of that memory spur you on. We may forgive, but we should never forget. And should the time come that men cannot speak their dissent, should the time come that alliances' sovereignty is revoked, should the time come that communities are destroyed or repressed let those of noble spirit rise again to spearhead another Glorious Revolution against the darkness that engulfs them.

Until then, let us hope that day does not come. Even more, let us work to ensure that it does not. For now, let us enjoy this victory. It has been a long time in the coming, and truly the fruits of it have been building up for months. We can speak without fear of military retribution. Alliances may move about freely and give their members leeway to express themselves without reprisal. Defeated alliances are not having heels placed on their heads and their faces ground into the dirt. So let us rejoice. This is our victory, and it is well-earned! Celebrate it while it lasts, for nothing lasts forever.

Pro Populo!

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