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Eastern Conference round 2 NBA




1.Chicago Bull


5.Atlanta Hawks

i expected Chicago to be hear. i didnt expect Atlanta to be hear. i thought home court and Howard would make this a Bulls vs Magic second round. Guess i was wrong. this is going to be a fun series if Atlanta shows up. im picking Chicago to win the series in 6-7 games. Chicago has one of the best D's out there and will hold Atlanta in check. Atlanta is ok on D and i dont see them slowing down Derrick Rose. Also the Boozer vs Al Horford match up is going to be fun.

2.Miami Heat


3.Boston Celtics

i expected this series. both teams had little trouble in the 1st round. Boston sweeping the Knicks and Miami beating Philly in 5. i thought the Sixers would challenge Miami a little more. but i was wrong. and i thought New York would win at least 1 or 2 games. wrong again. I like Boston in the match up for 1 reason that is Rondo. Mike Bibby and Mario Chalmers cannot guard Rondo. nor can they switch over to guard Ray Allen. so its a HUGE mis match in favor of Boston. i like KG over Bosh. Lebron vs Peirce is going to be a fun match up. Allen can stay with Wade and visa versa. i like Boston in the Center position a little more than i like Miamis Center. so right now i give Boston the edge in 7 games

when the Western Conference finish with the 1st round i'll do those match ups. we just waiting for Memphis to beat Spurs. or Spurs coming back against the Grizz



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