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NBA western conference semis




2.LA. Lakers


3.Dallas Mavs

a great match up. got Kobe Bryant got Dirk (i cannot spell his last name to lazy to look up) im giving the advantage right now to the Lakers. Bynum is playing amazing on both ends of the court will force dirk to play D on either Gasol or Odom something he will struggle with. lakers one of the few teams that can rough up Dallas and make Dirks life hard for him. for Dallas to win they going to need more than Dirk and Jason Terry scoring they need 2 more reliable scorers i dont see that happening. so i got LA in 6-7

4.OKC Thunder


8.Memphis Grizzlies

i thought we might see the 8th seeded Grizzlies upset the top seeded Spurs. this is going to a hard match up to predict. Memphis has the D to make Kevin Durants life hard like the Lakers did last year with Ron Artest. I cannot see Memphis slowing down Russel Westbrook im also not seeing OKC slowing down Zbo either. im going to go with home court this round give it to OKC in 7. but wouldnt be shock to see Memphis win this one either.



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