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Thanks must be given




On Paragon's first birthday, there are celebrations, and also my thanks to be given. We would not be here without many people and alliances. If I missed you, forgive me, as there is just so many.

-First and foremost, the founders. Those that aren't here today, and those that still are, but floating around in other alliances. This wouldn't have even gotten off the ground if it wasn't for you guys.

-Our protectors, first NATO, then FEAR. To both of you: Thank You. I might not have agreed with many of the decisions you've made, and perhaps you may have not agreed with many of the decisions I've made, but through it all, we've stuck together (well, except for NATO, but we still <3 you guys :P).

-Our allies (in chronological order): The Blood Brothers, World Freedom Federation, Sanitarium, The Nusantara Foreign Legion and of course, Organization XIII. You guys have been great fun to talk to and hang out with. It has made it so much easier to last this long with you guys <3

-Daks: I'm sure we'll continue our late night talks *wink wink*

-Liz: I might not agree with your recent actions in CN, but you're a great friend. Thanks for being there.

-Calderone/Calzone: Thanks for those temp trades bro :D

-cyrus and the rest of the NEW gang: You guys are always fun to hang out with on IRC. You need to be online more often!

-grahamkeately: Thanks for the advice. It was invaluable.

For those above and everyone else I talk to on IRC: Thank you. Without you guys, I probably would've given up on Paragon long ago.



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