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Highlights from WCE: Part 19



[21:03] <@HeroofTime55> Guys can we get someone to run the numbers

[21:03] <%WARLORD44[uPN-MoD]> which numbers

[21:03] <%Biff[CoJ]> We ran one of the opposition a while back

[21:04] <@HeroofTime55> How big each of the sides are

[21:04] <%Biff[CoJ]> I'm waiting for the accountant to come back from the nerdry

I'm genuinely curious what the number they came up with for our side was, probably dramatically understated.

[22:26] <~Schattenmann> What is not rock solid about GOONS attacking UPN members?

[22:26] <%Rebel_Virginia> Remember that we are trying to convince the bystanders.

The fact that said members were nuclear rogues?

[22:26] <~Schattenmann> The only people that aren't convinced are you and Chron

[22:26] <%Rebel_Virginia> Those who will either make or break victory.

[22:26] <%TehChron> its a matter of people giving a <removed>

[22:26] <@HeroofTime55> that the UPN guy took peace achatt

[22:26] <%TehChron> the fence sitters wont give a <removed> for a dead issue

[22:27] <%TehChron> or at least what can be construed as a dead issue

[22:27] <@HeroofTime55> GOONS tricked him into taking peace and gave up another nickel for the stolen tech

Yes how dare those GOONS trick their nation into paying 1m requested by the raided to the raider unknown to both alliances' govs.

[22:27] <@Daggarz[Nemesis]> out troll them.. we have some of the best trolls in the game sitting in this channel

Well, there's something we can agree on.

[22:27] <%TehChron> And this troll is telling you it wont work

[22:27] <%TehChron> trolling wont get people on our side when it matters

[22:27] <%Voodoo> Trolling as arguing doesn't work

What a shame, I would have wanted to see an entire side's FA effort be nothing but trolling.

[22:27] <%TehChron> arguing is how you get folks to take your side, trolling is about tearing down others

[22:28] <%TehChron> tearing down GOONS wont work

[22:28] <%Rebel_Virginia> Trolling is not a good strategy here.

[22:28] <@Daggarz[Nemesis]> fine trawl, rip through the forums proclaiming our side. People are naive enough to believe a majority even if its all from one side

[22:28] <%Rebel_Virginia> We need an actual CB.

[22:28] <%TehChron> its a zero sum game

[22:28] <%Voodoo> Argue why you are right, effectively, will help

Daggarz, abandoning all diplomatic pretenses again, proudly declares that they will take advantage of bandwagoning, before RV drags him back the reality.

22:28] <%Rebel_Virginia> They may not like GOONS, but they do have friends who love GOONS.

[22:28] <%Rebel_Virginia> And they do not hate or disagree with GOONS enough to betray that friendship.

[22:29] <%TehChron> ^^

[22:29] <%Rebel_Virginia> It would have to be something pretty big for them to do that.

[22:29] <%TehChron> Especially with MK

[22:29] <%Rebel_Virginia> Remember that.

[22:29] <%TehChron> MK will side with GOONS

[22:29] <@Grumpdogg[NpO]> what sort of fence sitters are we actually talking about here?

[22:29] <%Rebel_Virginia> People may not like GOONS, but GOONS' allies are quite popular.

Truly we are the NY Yankees of CN, you either love us or hate us.

[22:29] <%TehChron> we need to have a good enough reason for folks to fight against MK when it comes down to it

[22:29] <%Rebel_Virginia> And that is why we need something solid.

[22:29] <%TehChron> not solid

[22:29] <%TehChron> *compelling*

[22:29] <%Weebland-NSO> And valid.

[22:29] <%TehChron> Bah

The hunt for a good CB truly is a rough trek.

[22:30] <@Daggarz[Nemesis]> eh this is going nowhere. Its turned into a bunch of people saying why we shouldnt go to war. Schatt, come get me when you convince them we have to go

[22:31] <%Voodoo> Dag, it's not why we shouldn't, it's how to do it right

[22:31] <%Voodoo> If we don't do it right, it will not work

[22:31] <%bzelger[sTA]> I think everyone here is on board with rolling GOONS. The question to answer is whether now is the opportune moment or if we will be better off later

[22:31] <@HeroofTime55> We have to kill GOONS

[22:31] <%Rebel_Virginia> We agree.

[22:31] <%Rebel_Virginia> But let's not make a suicide run.

[22:31] <@HeroofTime55> As good as a self sacrifice might feel, they have to be killed

Forced disbandment is bad (except when it's GOONS, of course) again.

More in the next part.

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