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End of the weekend




I always feel slightly depressed at this time.

I compare what I meant to do (History homework, clean out desk draw, tidy room, Physics coursework) to what I have actually acheived (Captured 3 cities in Rome total war, got confused by physics coursework, moved some of the mess around on my bedroom floor.)

So life is still dull.


In CN the usual happend. Logged in, collected taxes, logged out. So nothing exciting there. Unless you count the fact that the main article of interest in my alliance is that I've created a blog. Not that other intersting stuff hasn't happend, its just certain members have a somewhat warped view of whats important. As in when the next great war breaks out, some of them are probably going to be more interested in the pretty pictures on the war screen than winning the war.

Oh well, such is life when you elect a talking gnome to high office (yes Borimir looking at you)



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