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Wednesday comes




A freind told me that she doesn't care what happens in her life, she just wants to end up living in an East end ***hole having fun. Started me wondering about why that never occured to me. I mean, planning to go to uni, get a good education etc etc. And why? Well, 4 uni's have offered me places so far so obviously they see something in me. Then I thought about how a huge number of people who are born into a council estate, get an awful education, live in a council house and work on a till for their entire life, retire on the pittance that is a state pension and die in obscurity. And then I started wondering if there was any purpose to this, people going out and living a life which the world will not remember, or even bat an eyelid for it passing. I know every life matters to the person living it, but in the grand scheme of things, what does it matter?

Such is philosohpy. Now I know why I didn't take it at A level. I would have killed myself within a week.


On a more cheerful note, I'm supposed to be running 22 miles in one day on saturday. Who reckons I'll make it?


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