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Heading back into the daylight...




So I have spent six months on day shift and six on night shift, now for my last month I am heading back to days! This is good news because I actually enjoy working during the day because it makes me feel like I am working a somewhat normal schedule. It is still gonna be hot as hell outside, but the off time is gonna be way better. Most of the people in my section are getting switched to day shift with me, but since we all weren't staying together we went to the beach today and had a bbq for the last time. It was actually kind of sad, I mean it was fun while it we were actually hanging together, but it is sad to see it come to an end because we are so close we are family, we work together, eat together, and live together. That is the curse of the military though, as soon as you get close to people they get snatched away. As I move closer to the end of my deployment here I start to see things unravel around me and all I can do is just sit there and just watch it all come crumbling down relationship, plans, work, etc...I am running headlong into a disaster and I can't even move to stop myself. Just another day in GTMO I guess.



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