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Royal Visits Abroad




From: The Order Of Light World Headquarters

We have been received with much fanfare to the TOOL Headquarters. An appropriate welcome State Dinner was held, where TOOL Lord Captain Commander GrahamKeatley, along with his alliance staff officially welcomed the kingdom of Merlinus into the TOOL alliance community. It was surely a gala evening, with excellent dinner, music, and festivities that made us realize that, though perhaps a new nation to the alliance, the long history of Merlinus had begun well.

We have visited several important departments within the alliance, and have made long-term friendships with most of the current perma/elected government leaders. These beginnings bode well for a long and lasting relationship between the people of Merlinus and the TOOL alliance. We have discussed issues of importance with the Hand of War, the Hand of Internal Affairs, The Hand of Commerce, the Hand of External Affairs, and many others. We have listened to the plans of the alliance for recovery from the recent conflict, and have pledged our fullest possible support to the rebuilding and growth of the alliance in the near future. The Hand of Foreign Affairs has made a singular impression upon us, and we have dedicated by our oath ourselves to be a diplomat of the Alliance to any foreign nation, or Planet Bob alliance in which TOOL seeks our expertise for such purposes as the Foreign Affairs Department may require.

We have met with the inquisitors of the alliance, and have had fruitful meetings regarding the prosecution of future wars, esepecially where our nation is concerned. We spoke of some troublesome difficulties we experienced during the recent conflict, and also committed our military might to any future conflicts the alliance might encounter. We gave our complete thanks and gratitudes to this able agency for the immediate and unending assistance, support, aid and encouragement of the Department of War to our people in the recent times of grief. The support in the rebuilding of our nation has been constant and unlimited. Because of their aid, Merlinus is beginning the long recovery process with much less difficult circumstances than we would otherwise endure.

We have met with environmental specialists, who have given us their word for continuing assistance until such time as the people of Merlinus can feel safe in breathing the air, and drinking the water of our nation. In a communique from home today, it has been reported to me that the environmental numbers are reflecting a better condition already, even as this assistance begins. Our concerns have been heard, and help hasw been promised--and quite obviously already delivered. This is a good, hopeful and promising outlook for our people. Medical and food aid are currently in sufficient quantities to meet the mid-term needs of the people of Merlinus. We will be petitioning the alliance during this visit for significant rebuilding aid, so that our nation can return to it's former greatness, and begin the process of nation-growth in the short term. We were even given an opportunity to contribute to the official alliance communique of "The Tool Times", and given great discretion by its Editor-In-Chief.

Overall, we are greatly pleased, and highly encouraged with the reception we have received at alliance headquarters. What we found from a distance is even more strongly impressed upon us in person. Over the next few days, we will have further interactions in our attempts to best establish good and lasting relationships between our nation and The Order of Light. What they can do, they do. What they cannot do, they have no pause in their explanations of why a thing cannot be done. These frank and open discussions are most beneficial for the long-term relationship between our nation and TOOL. No question has been ignored; no request so far has gone without discussion. TOOL seems positively disposed toward our nation. We sincerely hope that is a condition which lasts a very long time indeed.


PS: We were gratified to receive a very special gift from the good folks at TOOL upon our arrival. In return of our gift of the royal seal of Merlinus I to be prominently displayed within the TOOL headquarters, we were pleased to find this gift awaiting us: a new royal emblem:




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